1,642 Miles

The Chapter of my vacation is finally complete!

Or not....

More pictures keep rolling in, so I'll keep sharing

Now I have so many runs from this week and last to document.

After returning home from Montana on Sunday July 3rd, I woke up Monday excited to have the day off, run some errands, listen to people fire errant fireworks all day (what the heck is the point of that?  Can you see them during the day?), and go on a long run.

I was so stoked to run long.  Craved it so bad.  I set out with high expectations for a delicious couple hours of running at the lovely altitude of Sea Level.

Instead, the run was mediocre.  It was significantly better than my 8 mile failure in Montana, but I still felt heavy-headed and slow.

Having aimed for 18+ miles, I cut it short at just over 16 miles. 

I know, you're thinking, why didn't I cut it shorter as soon as it didn't feel great?

Well that question will apply to that entire week of running, as I will explain below.

And the answer is that when a run isn't feeling great, it's very hard for me to quit because I yearn for that great runners high and the feeling of sailing on pavement so bad that I keep running, hoping to break through the fog. 

The rest of my runs last week were equally unsatisfying.

  • Tuesday: none
  • Wednesday: 13.5 miles -- hilly run, felt OK but slow.  Normally I wish I could keep running after 13 miles, but have to stop to get to work on time.  This day, I was perfectly content to stop at 13.
  • Thursday: 13.2 miles -- flat run.  Felt slow and heavy
  • Friday: none
  • Saturday: 13.5 miles -- work day, so same flat run of 4 laps around Lake Merritt.  Started out feeling slow, but ended the run with a 6:40 mile which made me FINALLY feel like I was almost back to my pre-flu pre-vacation legs.
  • Sunday: 19.2 miles  -- hilly, slow and steady.  2nd half of the run felt better than the 1st, but I still didn't feel quite right.
  • Monday: none

And then we're at Tuesday.

I finally had a badass run.

Tuesday's run was sick.  I decided to try something new, based on that 6:40 last mile I did on Saturday.

In the past, the only times I have pushed myself time-wise is on the treadmill.  When I'm running outside, I don't pay as much attention to my speed because I get distracted by watching the ground, watching the scenery and people, and generally not having the set speed of the treadmill pushing me.

I planned to alternate miles running steady, then running hard (like a 6.5 or 7 on a scale of 1-10).

Mile 1:  8:26  (warm up)
Mile 27:32  (effort)
Mile 3:  7:57  (relaxed)
Mile 4:  7:27  (effort)
Mile 5:  7:42 (relaxed)
Mile 6:  7:20  (effort)
Mile 7:  7:49  (relaxed)
Mile 8:  7:02  (effort)
Mile 9:  7:59  (relaxed)
Mile 10:  6:42 (effort)
Mile 11:  8:16  (relaxed...ok, desperate recovery)
Mile 12:  6:42  (effort)
Mile 13:  7:43  (relaxed)

Cool down for several minutes.
total miles: 13.68 miles
total time: 1 hour 44 minutes.

I loved this run.  Will definitely try it again sometime.

I'm sure there's some word for it -- tempo, or pick-ups, or fartleks, or strides -- I hate that $hit.  I don't want Runners World to tell me how to run.  I run exactly how the heck I want on a given day.


(except for tapering.  I will follow rules for tapering.)

Since this post is 100% running, which strangely enough as this is a "running" blog, is very rare...I present a BI-ANNUAL RUNNING ASSESSMENT.

This consists of me mentioning my mileage so far this year.

obligatory picture to break up the high number of words


Between January 1, 2011 and  July 13, 2011, I have run approximately. . .  1642 miles.

  • This means I am on track to run from Oakland, CA to Boston, Mass. over the course of the year (approx. 3000 miles).
  • This means I am on track to run from Oakland, CA to Los Angeles about 9 times (360 miles)
  • This means I have run the distance of a marathon over 63 times...and am on track to run that distance over 125 times.

This is the first year I have kept track of mileage, as I received a running calendar for Christmas last year.  It's all pretty fascinating.

Want to know the crazy truth?  I guarantee that of the last 8 years of my life, this year is the LOWEST mileage.

I take 2-3 days off running most weeks now, while in college I would take off 1 day or 0.

Due to my full time job, I keep most weekday runs to less than 1 hour 45 minutes, whereas during law school and college, most of my runs hovered around 2 hours to 2.5 hours.

If I had to guesstimate, I would say the year when I was 21 years old and in college...I ran at least 5000 miles.

So don't tell me I'm crazy for running 1642 so far.  Because for me, this is a tame year. 

Have you kept track of your annual mileage? If so, where are you at!?

Do you like running plans, or do you like to make up your own workouts?