Day 5, Montana

Bear with me for just two more posts about my vacation.  Then I will get back to MY UBER INTERESTING LIFE of running before sitting in a desk for a million hours.

I think I officially hate being a lawyer.  Today I was in the office at 7:00 a.m. (on the road by 6:30 a.m....that's just disgusting), and I have to come in on Saturday as well.

It's not that I hate working hard or long hours.  It's that there is no predictability to it.

I had to cancel on a birthday dinner tonight because I didn't have the time to drive 90 minutes each way to the dinner when I have to be in bed early for another workday.  I might have to cancel an engagement party I was going to on Saturday.

I hate the sitting.  I want a physical job so badly.  Sitting all day really feels unhealthy and boring to me, and it actually saps my energy so much that in the evening, all I want to do is sit some more.

I don't take any breaks -- no lunch break, no water cooler break -- so I really do sit most of the day.  Court days are the exception.

I seriously think I'm on a 2-3 year track to change my career.  What are some suggestions for good active jobs?

I always said I wish I was a mail-woman or a park ranger so I could walk all day.  I also want money though.  Any advice?  Personal trainer is a viable walker....teacher...P.E. teacher....

If only, if only, there was a 35 hour/week lawyer job that involved doing laps around a court room.  In sneakers.

Yellowstone/Montana, Day 5, Friday July 1, 2011

I woke up early last Friday morning so I could get a quick refreshing run around the small town of West Yellowstone before we packed up and left our cabin for Montana to begin the wedding weekend.

West Yellowstone is set up in a simple grid, so I ran the tic-tac-toe of about 5 blocks-by-5-blocks as creatively as possible to reach 8 miles in just over an hour.

I had been craving a run so  badly as it had been almost a week since my last run -- but it just wasn't meant to be.  The combination of recovering from the flu, not getting enough sleep, and altitude adjustments made for a tough run.

It was fun enough and since it was flat, my miles averaged around 7:45 minute miles...but it just didn't feel good -- which, for me, is the point of running.  To feel good.

Our drive to the bride's ranch took almost 4 hours.  We drove deeper and deeper into the rolling hills and rivers until we were 25 minutes away from the closest town, and only surrounded by grass, sky, and cattle.

cowboys are a beautiful sight

Rehearsal dress is from 2000.  For real.

The food was insanely good.  There was this corn mush...and watermelon with lime...

The California table

Montana skies are something else

The day was much more relaxing than the days at Yellowstone.  We slowly explored the acres of ranch property, ate food, met the charming older couple that was graciously hosting us in their home for the weekend.

This couple was the bride's "neighbors" -- they lived a couple miles over a hill from her.

Everyone has a river on their land.  Or a "crick"

I'll tell you about my horrible run on this my next post

After the dinner, we drove to "town" where there was a bar -- actually a super cool bar with plenty of games and room and seats -- but given that we were in the middle of nowhere, it was pretty empty.  And I was wiped.  I'm still trying to catch up on sleep and week later.

What job can I look forward to leaving Law for in a few years?  Cowgirl might be an option.