Yellowstone Day 1

I'm back.

No better place to start than the beginning!

Monday, June 27th:

As I mentioned before, we left our apartment to head to the airport, and I immediately began feeling sick.

Layover down time, feeling (and looking) like death as the flu hit me
On our tiny plane, totally dazed and achy.  Sick people are pathetic, these are funny in hindsight
Crashing in our cabin
Our Cabin

Then around 6:30 p.m. I mustered up the will to venture out and explore Yellowstone for a few hours before sundown.  We visited the Old Faithful part of the park, to get that crowded attraction out of the way.

Driving into Yellowstone

First animal: spotted

First thermal activity: spotted

Lot's of fly-fishing out here.  Very peaceful

Checking out a couple geysers, mudpots, and other generally bubbling mysterious earth things

The Gentleman and a Geyser

Watching Old Faithful, after patiently waiting about 15 minutes

I went to bed hoping and wishing that this was a 24 hour flu.  It was a trying situation to sleep in an uncomfortable cabin, when sleeping is already an uncomfortable task with the flu.  This became day # 1 of very little sleep.

And there is my day 1 recap!  If you can believe it, I'm probably going to walk through each day of vacation, so hopefully you find Yellowstone and Montana as interesting as I did.

The following 5 days will be more interesting, I think.

I certainly didn't miss blogging.  Blogging is a little bit of a source of anxiety for me.  I feel pressure (from myself) to get home from work, or from vacation, and get a post up.  When perhaps all I really want to do is be passive, eat, and sprawl on the couch.

(see, despite 80+ weekly mileage, I can be very lazy).

I'm very, very glad to be home.  I'm about to collapse in my bed -- MY bed.  There's no place like your own bed. 

Have a safe weekend, and I'll try to catch up with everyone quickly!