Yellowstone Day 2

Well I can see these vacation recaps are not going to be very popular...a record ONE comment on my recap of day one :)

Or, of course, everyone is busy having fun with their friends and families on one of the funnest holidays of the year.  Instead of hanging on the internet.

I, however, am spending the day recovering from vacation and running errands, so no 4th of July BBQ or fireworks for me.  It doesn't help that I work tomorrow, which demands me to be in bed by 10:00 p.m.  There's no such thing as getting home from fireworks by 10:00 p.m.

Luckily, I got to catch a few fireworks at the wedding 2 days ago.  So I'm satisfied.

And I'm going to continue the vacation recaps, for my sake, as this is definitely something I want to remember.

Tuesday, June 28th:

We woke up early, unsure whether I would be able to handle much activity.

We stopped at this "Roaring Mountain", which hissed due to the thermal steam flowing out of it

Then we drove along, hoping to find a good trail-head for a short hike, and stumbled upon a traffic jam.  Why the jam?  Everyone wanted a picture of this black bear.

Too bad our camera didn't have zoom...
less than 24 hours into our trip and a bear was spotted!  Mission complete.

We found the trail-head for the Bunsen and Osprey Trails, and set out to do about 4 miles.

Modeling my new hiking pack, thanks to REI

halfway up to the peak

 Part of the trail -- the first couple miles of the way down the Osprey Trail -- were really spooky.

We were far out from any roads and people, and were surrounded by a graveyard of dead trees.  A fear of bears was lurking in the air between the Gentleman and me, so we spoke loudly and sang to try and warn any animals that we were coming through.

Tree Graveyard


After reaching the peak, I decided I had the energy to make the hike a little longer.  Judging by the pic below, I was maybe a little too ambitious.  Still looking like death.

Out of the scary bear country, we ate some trail mix in the flowers

And I conquered a million fallen trees that were blocking trails

Peaceful water everywhere in Yellowstone
 We finished the hike at exactly 7 miles.  Then we headed to Mammoth Springs and added another 2-3 miles to the day by hiking around boardwalks and the lodging area.

Prettier than a picture can capture

We decided to bite the bullet and pay $50 for some bear spray at the lodge center, so we could hike with a little less nervousness during the rest of our vacation.

The Gentleman brilliantly let a little of this lethally potent spray dribble out in our cabin while testing the lock feature.  We proceeded to sneeze and have tickled noses, but other than that, avoided a disaster.

I'll spoil a little element of much later in the trip, which is this sad story: we packed the spray up in our checked-in luggage for the flight home.  When arriving home, we found a notice that the spray had been confiscated due to a DOT regulation.

DAMMIT!!  I hate wasting money.  In hindsight, it makes sense that an airport wouldn't allow the spray, even in checked luggage, but I still wish it was more public knowledge.

Can you bring pepper spray in luggage?  If not, isn't that kind of a problem for women who travel alone for business a lot?

HAPPY FOURTH, hope everyone is having a blast.  With lot's of potato salad and corn on the cob.  Go America!