Yellowstone Day 4, and bears kill

I'm kind of freaking out.  Just a little bit.

A hiker was killed by a grizzly bear this morning in Yellowstone while hiking with his wife.

It's really shaken me!  I already had a lot of fears stirring while hiking last week -- and at that time, the last incident of death by bear in Yellowstone had been 25 years ago, in 1986! 

Because of my fears, we bought that bear spray for our remaining two days of hiking last Tuesday.

You can read about the incident here.  The couple was only 1.5 miles into a popular trail, and surprised the bear, who attacked to protect her cubs.

I don't want to be afraid of hiking :(  It's one of my true loves.

so....let's talk about day 4 in Yellowstone....awkward.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

 Our day began with one plan: to drive around the entire (100+ mile?) park, stopping in each main area to make sure we got the whole picture of Yellowstone.

We started by pulling over at every turn.  The first of which was nothing but picnic benches and a river.  I spontaneously planked.

If only I could photoshop the bench out of this...

Then we started boardwalking to see very highly anticipated  attractions.

Grand Prismatic Spring...I was very excited to see this

View from atop a hill we can see the boardwalk

From ground level

We hiked from there out 3 miles or so to Fairy Falls

At work with my "camera" -- my phone

Following the trail out another mile found a beautiful steaming river and a bubbling pond.

And some cell phone pictures of all these

almost cool...

Grand prismatic spring from ground level

From above


The steaming stream....we took a quick feel (majorly not allowed) -- it was like a HOT spa

Fairy Falls

This day just kept getting cooler as we headed back to the Old Faithful area to walk the big loop of thermal activity behind the main attraction.

so sadddd

This guy apparently used to have much brighter colors, but people littered in it too much

This guy goes off only twice a day or so, and we luckily caught it!

The architecture in the Old Faithful Inn was spectacular

 This day was such a huge success....but also a failure, because our grand plan of driving around the entire park did not happen.  We made it about 1/4th of the way?

The parts we never saw were the large Yellowstone Lake and West Thumb areas.

I have 23847 more pictures, but I'm trying to spare you from the constant scrolling. 

Don't get killed by bears, mmkay?