I Have an Announcement

I think it's time to run another marathon.

Eugene Marathon, 3 long months ago

If there is one thing I've learned from the running blogger community, it is that runners just LOVE races.  Love them. 

They love waking up at 3:00 a.m., they love the crowds, the sense of community, and above all they LOVE port-o-potties.

Kidding.  But really, many of y'all run more than 10 races a year.  That's gotta be LOVE.

I, on the other hand, have been cooling my heels since early June, when I ran the See Jane Run half.  And before that, I ran a full marathon (Eugene) in May, a Half Marathon (Western Pacific) in April, and a Half Marathon (Oakland) in March.

4 races this year hardly qualifies me as the latest Dean Karnazes. 

Despite my relatively mild racing schedule, I get the hype.  Races are a level of excitement unlike anything else.  You are on a rush of nerves for days before, then an endorphin high the day of, and then elevated with happiness (assuming the race went well) for a week after.

Anticipation at Eugene's starting line!

For me, there are still the obvious prohibitive elements that keep me from coming back (especially to full marathons) very often. 

OK, even though they're obvious, I'll list them: the expense; the time; the intrusion on sleep; the traveling; the crowds; the port-o-potties; the tapering (ohhhh gawd, the tapering....I hate the tapering); the risk of losing your expensive entry to an injury; eating sugar for breakfast (ick...waking up to red bull and chomps makes me shudder.  And I have to, because I'm not willing to wake up earlier to allow myself the time to eat a harder-to-digest meal).


Bawitdaba-da bang-da-bang-diggy-diggy-diggy said the boogie-said up jump the boogie (drumroll)

I think I will enter and run the California International Marathon in Sacramento, CA this December.

All I know about this marathon, I have learned from word of mouth.  Zero research on my part.  In short, everyone who has ran it, really enjoyed it.

It is close-ish to home (2 hours?).  I think I may rent a hotel room, nonetheless. 

It will be nice and cool.

Finish Line?  Jerry Brown?

I hear the field of runners is very fast, which is great to have "rabbits" all around you keeping your speed up.

Now, however "fun" this race is rumored to be, the fact is I have fun almost every single time I go on a run.  So why pay and travel so much for CIM?

Here's the real reason why: the neverending quest for a new Personal Record (PR).


That's what it's all about for me.  Truth be told, there is a FANTASTIC chance I will not get a PR at CIM.  I'll be chasing down a 3:08:17, which sounds freaking intimidating, even though I know I've done it once. 

But there you have it.  I will be chasing that number.  I don't want to fail, but crikey's I just might. 

Help me out.

1) Hotel recommendations in Sacramento?
2) For someone like me who is already in "marathon" shape (i.e. I could run 26 miles at a decent pace today if forced), when should I really start picking up the training?  The race is December 4.
3) Is anyone else considering CIM or already entered???

(p.s. the real REAL reason I'm entering spot Ames from the bachelorette.  I heard he was spotted at the San Francisco Marathon this past weekend).
hahaha.  It makes me laugh when nerds are buff.