My Chin Hoits.

There were a number of occasions this week where I couldn't bring myself to write a post.  I took a 2.5 day break from the computer (except for work, which is pretty much strictly Westlaw and Outlook and Word).

At home, reading.  In 1943.

It was nice.  Life is much simpler when you only have your real self to worry about, instead of your social media self.  Facebook has definitely waned away the past year, I never touched twitter, so now my only real internet concern is this here sucker.

I've debated axing the blog, because it really is much simpler to have one less reason to sit in front of a computer.  But I know that the accountability and the desire to share good news will keep me on here at least through the December California International Marathon.

(I have not signed up yet, but I have a guaranteed slot through October 15 as do any women runners who ran a sub 3:45 in the past year.  So I'm dragging my feet, but absolutely plan to enter).

In other running news, I was slowly trotting to the gym Friday morning around 6:00 a.m. (I live 1/2 a mile from the gym) when I experienced my once-to-twice annual running fall.

I'll spell that out for you: once or twice a year, I fall while running.  Sometimes there's a tree root or crack in the sidewalk to blame, but more often than not my lazy foot just didn't lift high enough.

A classic roserunner fall involves sore and scraped palms and knees, and occasionally elbows.

This time I fell on my palms and my chin.

Long story short, I have had a minor headache since Friday morning and chewing kind of hurts.  I called a nurse to rule out a concussion or a Natasha Richardson-style fatal head injury.  I think I'm in the clear unless the headache gets worse, but I think my brain is bruised.  If that is a real thing.

I now have a band-aid beard, which is, surprisingly, not cute.

No Saturday long run because of my wimpy brain :(  Instead, the week looked like this:

Sunday: 18 miles
Monday: none
Tuesday: 14.7 miles
Wednesday: 13.8 miles
Thursday: 19.2 miles
Friday: fall on chin like a chump


Since I have been AWOL for the week, and it will likely happen again, I thought I'd share some Non-Running Blogs that I really enjoy.  Because sometimes, reading about other people's runs is really, really not interesting.

*****ALL pictures are swiped from the blog mentioned.  Duh.

1) Cupcakes and Cashmere

This blog is simply eye candy.  It is low on words, and when she does write, the words are carefully chosen and even seem graceful.

More importantly, she is a fashion genius (so I understand. Fashion is not really my forte but I think her model-ish pictures speak for themselves); she is a rad photographer; an exceptional interior designer; and she bakes.  really well.

Hi, I'm perfect

I love pastels.  Her blog has a "beauty" aspect to it as well

I want a home where this kind of decorating is appropriate

homemade poptarts.

2) Eden Eats Everything

She's sassy, gorgeous, crass, and she hates almost every blog that exists and devotes 73% of her blog complaining or bagging on someone.  And I just can't look away.  She's unique.

And I met her in 2006 when I lived in Los Angeles. 

And she hates exercise.  I think that means she hates runners.  She hates everything! Except cooking, and inventing pretty interesting recipes.  And her Jewish heritage, which on occasion may be blamed for her quirks.

Above all, she puts a lot of time and effort into her amusing and entertaining posts, which is pretty remarkable given the tough year she has had with her only parent falling ill.

3) Midwestern Masticatory Musings

The author of this blog is a young doctor who takes a lengthy vacation once or twice a year at a destination with serious eating options.  By serious, I mean seriously fancy, expensive, or just delicious and highly rated.

fancy stuff

He journals detailed accounts of his meals, down to the hostess, the decor, and whether he was sitting near obnoxious people or not.  At times he will dine alone, which leads to extra careful observations of his surroundings and the food -- and to good conversations with his server or the chef.

I trust his opinion, because when he visited the bay area, his meal at Chez Panisse was a disappointment.  I felt the same way at the uber-hyped Berkeley Restaurant. 

And he has a runners appetite.  Most his days touring the best restaurants start with an early run.

4) Matt, Liz and Madeline

This blog has simply taken on a life of it's own.  It evolved from a true story too tragic for me to really delve into here, but suffice it to say that the author, Matt, is a recent widow raising a 3 year old adorable girl.  His wife Liz died shortly after giving birth. You may have heard of him, as he has been on Oprah and People magazine -- and recently released his own book.

Matt with Liz, pregnant and glowy.

Madeline, who has won over the hearts of the world

I went to Law school with the sister of Liz.  She is an awesome friend and awesome Auntie.

5) High Boom

This is my source for keeping up with the cool kids.

It is authored by a friend who will always be 37 tiers hipper than me.  He posts daily the coolest new music, fashion, and art...mixed in with the latest adorable picture of an animal or most recent hilarious newscaster flub (a side of the blog which may or may not be accredited to his animal loving girlfriend).

Is ANYTHING better than inter-species friendships??

Confusing piece of art

In short, he scouts the best of the internet and posts it in a simple and easy to enjoy venue.  I appreciate that.

Do you fall while running on a predictable basis?  

Share any awesome non-running blogs, please.