Ashley Hebert, whose claim to fame this season on the Bachelorette has been her catchphrase: "this date, could not have been, any, more, perFACT"....

Is engaged.

She got the perfact ring!  And her fiance is perfact.  And the engagement was perfact.  And her teeth are perfact.

(If you don't watch the show...she has -- ahem -- a favorite word, and if a Maine accent exists, I guess she has one?  It mostly sounds Valley Girl to me).

I'm not gonna spill who her fiance is, since last season with Brad and Emily, I didn't watch the finale for over a week -- and managed to successfully avoid hearing any spoilers.

I will say, it was one of the MOST embarrassing and hard-to-watch engagement-rejections on the Bachelor franchise ever.  So hard to watch.  

And I totally blame Ashley for injecting WAY too much false confidence into the person she said "no" to.

Just for fun -- and because she looks so much like 50% of the girls at my high school, that these make me like her a little more -- pics of a high school Ashley:

you're welcome.  Perfact.