Things that made this past week, altogether, pretty spectacular:

For the first time in my adult life, I paid someone to clean my home.

I think this was who did the cleaning.  very practical outfit

I began moving out of my work station (ok, it was just a glamorous cubicle) and into my very own office.  Have a seat and shut the door.

10 points for you if you recognize this office

Almond butter and strawberry jam, on hearty grainy bread.

Still obsessed with this stuff

leaving work at 4:55 on Monday.

I'm outta here suckas

The fact that it has been 100+ degrees all over America, but blessed Oakland has been a perfect 70 degrees all summer long.  58 degrees during my morning runs = perfection. 

I am saving so much money this summer, which I usually spend on 7-11 stops during my hot sweaty runs.

All my runs have been overcast like this pic of Lake Merritt.  I love it.

The Gentleman got a bonus.

good job sweetie!! now buy me presents.  just kidding.

Ginger biscuits. 

Follow these directions: Go to Cost Plus World Market.  Go to the british food section.  Find the shelves with round sleeves of biscuits.  Buy at least 5 different kinds.  We have enjoyed: Oaties; digestives; biscoff; ginger biscuits; fruit shortcake biscuits; gingerbread and cinnamon biscuits...

I looked at pictures of my sister giving birth.  Amazing, and yet incredibly frightening.  I remain terrified of the stuff my body is supposed to do.

worth the hurt.  Yes, I stole that slogan from the SF Marathon.

Mad Men started streaming on Netflix.  And since, has been on about 50% of the time that we are home.

I love the scenes where they all gather and pose

I still don't care about the stock market.  Gold this, oil that, investment blah, dow jones bleh, nasdaq my butt.

Shh, I have to check the index of the S&P on Wall Street!!!

I got a 20 miler in before work on Wednesday.  It's been a few months since my last, and it makes the whole day 20x better.  It helped bring me to exactly 70 miles for the week.

I'm including the 5 meters of skipping I did outside our apartment.

New Kashi cereal, which is a sweet mix between Pops and Corn Nuts

I like snacking on it dry

I went to the Napa Outlets before visiting my perfect niece on Saturday, and tried on a dozen dresses at the Max Studio outlet.  I grew up 1 mile from these outlets, and never noticed how awesome this store was before.  I bought 2 dresses.  I officially never wear pants.

seriously, my home is so clean.  Love.