The Giant Race Pre-Recap

Something about a race being free really takes away all the anxiety! 

Free half-marathon in San Francisco thanks to Aron, who got me a free entry 3 days ago through a giveaway.  Sad I wasn't able to find her at the crowded race :(

Today was confusing, fun, relaxing, painful, and full of free goodies.  Full recap to come!

My time is somewhere between 1:30:15 and 1:30:40.  The discrepancy is due to an "attempted" bathroom stop that lost me some time, and my garmin auto-paused, so I'm not sure how much time I lost.

Garmin read: 13.26 miles, 1:30:15.

I think I read about 1:30:40 on the ticker as I ran in.

My hamstring does hurt, I may have been stupid to finish....more details to come, I promise.

And although I don't have any pictures yet (the Gentleman caught one I think, but is now at work) I promise if you just NEED a visual, that I looked something like this:

(I wore these shorts, shoes, and sunglasses)
 Mixed with this:

(I wore that crazy top)

The rest of me is the same.  same old face, same old ginormous calves.

Happy Saturday!