New News


1) There were  great tips from commenters about Eating While Running. 

Christie suggested eating dates, which I loved because it is a perfect excuse to buy one of the most delicious and expensive things.  A really melty soft one is dreamy. 

Which makes me think, I guess this method would involve some sort of packaging to prevent my running shorts from getting sticky from dates in my pocket.

One thing I won't be trying out is running with a hand-held.  Or the fanny-pack water belt things.  Not for me. 

2) Back to the Giant Race: 

I was notified that as a top-10-woman, I would be recieving a free pair of running shoes from Sketchers!

This is kind of the coolest thing to ever happen to anyone, ever ever:  I got to run a race for free, and in return, I got:
  • a $100 pair of running shoes; 
  • an awesome Nike dri-fit Giants race shirt; 
  • a Tim Lincecum bobblehead; 
  • a Refuel with Chocolate Milk tech running shirt; 
  • a Refuel with Chocolate Milk hat; 
  • 3 canvas bags; 
  • all sorts of post-race snacks and goodies.  

Sketchers Shoes won in another 1/2 marathon

BUT.  I have a feeling I will be receiving the same pair of Sketchers shoes I won for the the Oakland half in March (See Pics Above).  I don't exactly need a new pair yet.  I'll consider a giveaway...

3) Movie Review

I don't care if I have a reputation as being the harshest movie critic in the world, as it is probably accurate to say that I dislike more movies than I like (despite the fact that I love watching movies).

Over the weekend I watched "Take Me Home Tonight".  I tallied my votes, and the results show that I didn't really like it.

I don't think I laughed once (for comparison, I laugh about 17 times per 3 minute webisode of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis).

However, I was slightly obsessed with the fact that the lead lady looks identical to Kristen Stewart, and I think the director thought he could trick a few stupid 12 year olds into thinking it was her.

I wasn't the only one who noticed this -- these comparisons popped up right away when I googled it

Girl from movie on left


1) I can't believe I never noticed this until this morning during a 14 mile run:

My ipod nano has access to the Radio!!

upper-right icon...just touch it and pick a channel

This is life-changing for me!

I download a lot of podcasts to listen to when I run, and one of my regulars is KLLC 97.3 Sarah & Vinnie morning radio show.  Problem is, listening to podcasts means I'm listening to last week's news.

Now I can listen to the real show! dude!

Of course, then I got pissed at all the commercials I had to suffer through.

It's still pretty amazing to know I don't have to worry when I have no time to upload new podcasts; I can just listen to the radio.

2) High School Reunion Next Summer

I recently caught wind of the fact that there is a Facebook Group for discussing/planning my high school's 10 year reunion which will take place next year.

I joined the group because well, it's my high school and I wanted to learn what was up.

Upon checking out the group Wall and perusing conversations that have been taking place since this past April, I do I say this nicely... Horrified (alternate options: appalled, enraged, shocked, dismayed, disappointed) to learn that it was under serious consideration that our reunion would be a Joint Reunion with our town's rival high school.

Two things I should reveal.

First, my high school was not so small that a lone reunion would be lame.  My graduating class, I believe, had over 700 people.  Our rival high school had equally high numbers.

Second, somewhere along the path of this Facebook Group serving as a forum to share opinions and ideas about the planning of the reunion, the Group became an ugly word-war whereby the few people who expressed that they did not like the idea of a joint reunion were attacked for not being open-minded enough to want a party with 700 extra (mostly) strangers.

So this being said, the Group is not exactly a place where I can submit my opinion (which is that a joint reunion is ABSURD) without some idiot calling me anti-American-troops.

Seriously.  One dumbass suggested that those who want a non-joint reunion are selfish, and should be thinking of the troops.  What?

Back to ABSURD.  I would never go to a UCLA reunion that was merged with USC's.  Harvard would rather enroll Paris Hilton before agreeing to a reunion with Yale.  America's troop reunion won't be shared with Iraq's troop reunion (there, I made the troops relevant to this discussion.  Goodness that guy was an idiot. ugh.)

Still, to me this really is not about maintaining a rivalry: a reunion is about celebrating the very rare and amazing gathering of YOUR high school class.  Celebrating the memories and acknowledging the passage of time with those that you shared arguably your most important developmental years with in class every single day for four years! At soccer and track practice every single day for four years! Suffered through zero-period 7:00 a.m. classes with; ditched campus with; commiserated about teachers with; had crushes on; cried with when four of our fellow classmates died in the span of one year.

Junior Year.  This is just how I dressed for school one day.

This is MY high school.  These are the people I want to see again. 

My memory is fading enough that I'm concerned about having to figure out if the reason I don't recognize someone is because they look different, or because my brain cells have died, or because I didn't friggin go to school with them.

Now that you have suffered through my extremely valid and warranted rant (right?!), I really want to hear your thoughts.

Have you ever heard of a joint reunion with a rival high school? Have you been to your reunion?

Please try and help me sway my dear friend, who reads this blog and is in charge of most of the reunion organization, by commenting away.

And of course, if you think a joint reunion is awesome, then share those thoughts as well.  I may need you to convince me if I end up stuck at such a reunion next year.

(Brittani, consider this my 2 cents for you and the other organizers, since it is clear that not all opinions are welcome on the Group page).