100 Miles

I hit the satisfyingly square number of 100 miles this week.

No intention of doing so, I just felt fresh fresh fresh every day, which in total led to 20-30 miles above average for the week.

The extra 20 miles came from taking only one day off from running this week (I usually take off two days -- Monday and Friday -- but I only took off Monday.  And so yes, 100 miles was done in 6 days), and from a 21-miler that snuck up on me on Saturday.

This is how 100 miles in a week happens.

Monday:      OFF.
Tuesday:      17.5 miles, slow and easy.
Wednesday: 13 miles, speed workout (read more below)
Thursday:    17.5 miles
Friday:         13 miles, semi-speed workout unplanned
Saturday:     21 miles, slow and steady
Sunday:       18 miles, some intervals

Quick highlights, since I don't know if anyone cares to read about the dull stats of someone elses run:

Wednesday was my 4th treadmill speed workout since reminding myself a few weeks ago that I had only 10 weeks left till a marathon PR attempt.  With my treadmill ADD, I made up the following workout, which is a variation of the 3 treadmill workouts I have previously done.

Incline: 1.0
5 min: easy, 7.2 mph
10 min: hard, 9.5 mph or 6:18 mile pace.
repeat 4 times.

Total: 8.6 miles in one hour

Followed by a relaxing 35 minutes between 7.2 and 8.0 mph.

This workout, and the 21 miler on Saturday, were done in these new paint splatters:

I hated them on that treadmill run.  Hated them!

My socks were all bunched up, even though the shoes are certainly snug enough and none of my socks have given me problems before.

The bottom of my feet were burning up, another problem I've never had on the treadmill.

And the 1.0 treadmill incline felt much harsher, which I blamed on a heel that was clunkier than what I have been running with on the treadmill recently:

Although looking at these now, the heel is pretty elevated on these as well.

I left that run thinking the Asics Nimbus shoes must not be made for the treadmill....but that I would let them win me over by trying them outdoors.


I left for a long run in the Paint Splatter shoes at 11:00 a.m. (again, for the life of me can somebody explain why all you runners who don't have kids or plans for the day still wake up before 7:00 a.m. on weekends to run?!?) thinking the day might have 17-18 miles in store for me.

For the first 9 miles or so, I hated all over those shoes some more.  Same problems: bunched up socks, and burning feet.

Then, as my run carried on, I became aware of this unusual feeling: the feeling, my dears, was a lack of fatigue.

My legs just kept going and going, and felt as fresh at mile 18 as they had at mile 8.  I finally called it quits at mile 21 just so I could get on with my day (plans to hang with my mom), but it is reaalllly unusual for me to enjoy anything after the 20 mile point.

So what's up?  Do I give credit to the super-gel-cushioned paint splatter shoes?


The other possibility.  I took a multi-v with a good dose of iron in it earlier in the week -- something I rarely do because of the awful side effects of iron supplements (which I did indeed suffer through on Friday).

An extra jolt of iron really seems to give me wings.  I have so much more energy!

So a plea: I know I have glossed this subject before, and I received great feedback.

Some said that natural iron (spinach, black beans) is the way to go; some said that there is a form of liquid iron supplement that lack the bad side effects.

I eat spinach and black beans regularly, but I don't think it is making the cut.

What other supplements -- brand name please -- have you had success with?   Has anyone tried Bifera and would recommend it?  It claims not to have stomach-distressing side effects.

Last thing that made my run on Saturday awesome.

I found my dream pair of shorts.

I have been hunting HIGH AND LOW for just one, simple simple thing: A pair of running shorts with REAL pockets.  Not this key pocket crap in the underwear area.  Not these tiny little pouches that fit one Gu.  Like a full pocket, WITH a zipper or velcro closure, where I can stash my $2 for a 7-11 stop, 5 pieces of gum, 3 keys, one i-pod nano, and the occasional clump of dates or jelly beans.

I have been wearing out these 3 gross, raggedy shorts that I have owned since 2004 (!! ew) because they have pockets, and I haven't been able to replace them.

in blue (two full zipped pockets)
in black.  And an unpictured pair in pink.

Behold, my new treasure.

Oiselle Distance Short

The detail in this picture isn't great, but there is a full pocket with a zipper both on the right side, and another on the upper back of these shorts.

Even more awesome, they are cut longer on the inside of the leg opening so as to avoid the evil thigh-chafe, and higher on the outside for optimal leg movement.

I purchased them on sale, in black, which was the only option, at my local See Jane Run store.  I now plan on purchasing 2 more pairs since I know I will never find another pair of pocket-shorts for 10 years.

Unless Oiselle googles their name, finds this, and decides I deserve a free pair.  Oiselle Oiselle Oiselle! Find me and love me!

Just kidding, I'm going to buy them right now.