A Great Run with a Side of Assault

Speed workouts work.  I mean they work like instantly.

Since deciding just two weeks ago to start kicking my butt with treadmill speed workouts in preparation for a marathon PR attempt on December 4th, I have completed two (just two) 1-hour long speed workouts.

Then two days ago I went out for my normal Saturday long and slow run at high-sun, which is to say, at noon.  I know, who leaves for a long run at noon?  On a somewhat hot day?  I do.  That's how much I love sleeping in and then lazing about. 

I had no plans except to hit around 18 miles, maybe a couple laps around the neighborhood lake and then a few miles in the neighborhood hills.  

Instead, and despite the beating noon sun, this happened:

20 miles in 2:27:48.  Average mile pace of 7:23 minutes.

I suddenly found myself at the 10 mile mark, feeling so great, noticing it had only take 1 hour 14 minutes, and decided to see if I could double that for 20 miles in under 2 hours 30 minutes.

I really do attribute the speedy feeling in my legs to those treadmill workouts.  Is it possible to reap these benefits in a matter of 10 days?

Has anyone noticed such quick results?

Either way, it was a confidence booster.  Before the Eugene marathon, I was hitting my fast 20-milers at a 7:40 pace (somewhere around 2:33).  So now I'm thinking a PR could actually be in my grasp.

Sunday I went on a quick 8 mile run. 

I had a strange experience that stirs up so much rage inside of me that I don't think I can express what happened without just cursing for three paragraphs. 

What I will  briefly say, is a beefy man-runner assaulted me on a busy street in the middle of this run (be aware that "assault" does not mean sexual assault -- this was plain threatening contact), which led to a full-out yelling match.  Man oh man, did I burn off some steam after that.  I was SPRINTING. 

Sometimes I hate my neighborhood.  No, I love my neighborhood.  But jack-asses like that make me momentarily forget all the good people and just hate.

After the run, we drove up to my Parent's home in Napa where I snuggled with the cutest thing ever.

This is actually from the weekend before.  By now, my roots look even more awesome and Gemma is 0.2 ounces heavier (that's a guess)

We took a dip in my parents new hot tub, where everyone made fun of my streaking makeup.  SORRY I wear make up and try TO BE PRETTY FOR GEMMA, geeeez.

This is what I looked like post-hot tub, with no makeup.  Red and dead.

Other random things to share:

1) I booked a hotel for the California International Marathon in Sacramento, because there is no way in hell I am driving over 1.5 hours before a 7:00 a.m. start.  I know some of you have and would do that, but I plan on waking up 20 minutes before the 7:00 a.m. start.  (Ok, maybe 30 minutes).

Which is why I booked a hotel in Folsom, 2 miles from the start.  That's the absolute closest I could find. 

If I was a race director, I would have the race start outside the front lobby of a huge hotel, so everyone could stay there, roll out of bed, hang out in their own bathroom until 2 minutes prior to start time.

2) I got my newly-won Sketchers in the mail (from the Giant Half Marathon).  They arrived in black.

Unlike the last pair I won in March of 2011, which was a bit more colorful

Haven't decided what to do with the black pair.  Is anyone a size 8 and DYING to have these?

3) Today was a rough Monday for me.  Luckily, I had two things to make me smile when I got home.

First was a treat from the is-this-a-real-person-or-just-a-blogworld-dream-friend, Pam.

I promptly ripped into the chocolate.  And she got me my FAVORITE, which I have been craving HARD: a butterscotch See's lollypop.

And, well, speaking of lollipops, I had to purchase this Halloween stash to keep in my office desk to appease my oral fixation during stressful moments of drafting pleadings/motions/discovery:

Since they are so small (they are very small), I can eat 5 in a row. 

Sadly, the tootsie ratio is pretty rude.  There is not enough in there.  Basically, I just bought them because seasonal things get me everytime.  Why else would I love peeps?


p.s. Thank you for your shoe recommendations.  I have a list of Brooks to try on next weekend, I am leaning towards the Ghosts.