Half Disappointment

Some elements of the half marathon this morning were encouraging.

Other elements were defeating.

Overall, I think it was a wash.  A half disappointment.

yours truly in the blue shirt, the first 200 yards or so

Unofficial Garmin Stats

2nd place woman

That is a non-PR by 12 seconds...

The race went like this:

Miles 1-4: feeling good, this is easy, hitting 6:29's.

Miles 5-7.5: constant incline, CANNOT get my legs to go faster up what feels way worse than my happy treadmill 1.0 incline.  Hit 7:00 minutes over and over, get really negative in my head that this race is going to be a failure.

Miles 7.5-10.5: Hills.  Serious hills.  We were climbing all over these rolling vineyards, and I was sprinting down the downhills to try and make up for lost time.  Most challenging half-marathon course that I can recall.  continue to hit 7:00 miles.

Miles 10.5-13.1: Finally some flat and some gentle declines.  Feel great and fresh since so much of the race was run "slowly" thanks to the hills, so I pump it to make up for some lost time.  Hit 6:30-6:40's.

This was the easiest yet hardest half I have run.

Easiest because I felt great at the end.  I had a lot of energy and my legs felt strong.  I was thinking that if I HAD to run another half marathon in 1:37-ish to hit a 3:05 marathon, it could happen.

Hardest because I was so unprepared for the hills and so surprised how slowly I ran the gentle incline.

I may write a fuller recap later (I'm going to the Bridge School Benefit concert for the rest of the day), but that may be all that there really is to say...I shall ponder.

p.s: the volunteers were awesome.