Half Expectations

I'm exited for this Sunday.

I will be running the Livermore Grape Stomp half marathon.

This is the ugly image that is on the race shirt I just picked up today.   Really...bad design.

Let's talk about my expectations for the race.

On one hand, I am hopeful that I could run this thing hard, get a PR (under 1:28:22), and generally boost my confidence as I head into a full marathon in 6 weeks.

And I should PR -- this is the first time ever I have followed any sort of a "training".

If you haven't heard me drone about this before, I recently began running a one-hour speed session on the treadmill once a week.  These workouts have been challenging, extremely fun, and possibly-hopefully working.

I will head into the race having accomplished 5 one-hour speed sessions.  5 weeks.

Now, that 1:28:22 -- I earned that through a relatively lackadaisical regimen consisting of running at a comfortable speed whenever I wanted, going on lots of long runs for fun, occasionally picking up the speed ever so gently....and then just saying "go faster than normal!" on race day.

This time, the mantra could be more like "go as fast as you do for about 10 minutes at a time on the treadmill!", and maybe my body and mind will agree that it can do so.

On the other hand: I have a history (ok, one race) of not performing well MENTALLY in smaller races.  Without numerous racers acting as rabbits (aka a pace setter) by my side, and without the encouraging crowds that a bigger race brings, I become mentally uninspired and it is very hard to push myself.  Very hard.

This race will have about 300 runners.  That is small enough that I believe it is very likely I will be in no-mans-land by mile 3.  Which is to say, running alone.

Another element of imperfection is that the forecast is very warm -- 87 degrees.  Don't know what that means for 8:00 a.m., but extra water stops may play a role in slowing me down.  I think I usually grab only one or two swigs of water for half-marathons, but strangely enough I can't really remember my half drink history.

Fresh tub of dates.  I WILL be stealing these from my pockets while running, regardless of water stops

In sum, as is always the case when I dish out money for a race, I will aim for a new personal record.

And then also in sum, I made pre-excuses for why a PR may not happen.


Remember when I devoted a post to the excellence that is Target Dresses?

Well who would have thunk it.  But I found some uber-cute dresses for $18 at the most unlikely of places.

Can you guess where!?  Oh, what? You read the caption of this part of the post already? So it was obvious? Oh.  Ok.

Yeah I found them at Costco.

BUT what you DIDN'T know, you know-it-all, is that I found them in the KIDS SECTION.

I'm not one of those pathetic middle-aged women who only eats carrots and seaweed so I can brag about shopping for myself in the kids section.

Au Contraire.  I was able to fit in, and purchase, dresses from the kids section because a size 14 there is easily an Adult Small Plus.  And they had a size 16 too, which must be good for an Adult Medium.  Don't know what they are feeding the kids these days...


This silver number is so hot.  Love the sleeves.  Perfect for a holiday celebration.  Unfortunately, while it is a decent fit, it is clear this was not built for a woman with a chest or a hip-to-waist curve.  It kind of hangs flat whereas it would be much cuter if it cut in a little at the waist.

Nothing that a belt can't fix.

This blue number is so ADULT! If you can't tell, the black trim (besides the sleeves) is beading.  This is a thick sturdy cloth, and looks formal yet spunky.  I will probably wear it to work with black tights or leggings.

Both dresses hit mid-to-upper thigh.


I will be happily day-camping near Half Moon Bay tomorrow, so I won't be up in this here blog until the race recap.  See you on the flip side!

Have you ever purchased clothing at Costco? 

Have you ever purchased clothing for yourself from the kids section?