I'm Gonna Start A Riot

Have you heard about what's going on in Oakland?

If you live in the Bay Area, I know you have.  If you live out of state, they are probably just referring to it as "Occupy Oakland protests in California and related Police Brutality."  If you live in my apartment, you have heard helicopters swarming non-stop for about 40 hours.

I don't think it is wise to bring politics into this sweet little blog.

But it is my platform, and this is where I like to vent.  See: here, and here (near the end).

I will say little, so know that I have much more thoughts on the topic....

My thoughts:

I fucking love police.  I love them.  I would never choose to live in a country without them.  I am terrified of imagining my city without them.

Police have one of the hardest occupations I can imagine.  Dangerous, thankless, and constant high-stress situations. 

Really think about what your city, state, or country would be like without them. 

So I respect cops.  I don't throw bottles at them.  I don't throw paint at them.  I don't provoke them or resist them when they are pointing a stun gun at me.  I don't refuse to leave Frank Ogawa Plaza when they demand I stop camping there after numerous days of allowing me to do so, because my uncivilized nastiness has left a trail of crap that only a power-clean can fix, all in the name of hating banks (not cops), and then taking it on cops (because I hate banks.  And rich people.  Which cops are not). 

No, I don't suffer from a history of racial profiling.  This surely makes it easier to respect and love cops.  But for Kelly Clarkson's not expect me to have any sympathy for someone's injuries from tear gas and rubber bullets because they didn't have the two brain cells needed to know that you don't aggravate cops.

People get so lost in their beliefs.  If you want to fight your fight about being one of the 99%, then don't squat in a meaningless plaza in Oakland.  And don't piss off a cop who is just doing their job in keeping the city clean and safe. 

So. That's that. 

I was notified that these three purty pictures were ripe and ready for $878 each.

finish line.  Really glad I wore cotton to show off my sweat marks.  Who knew my right shoulder worked so much harder?

Also really glad I rocked my cute 1990's Britney mid-riff  

Pretty course, right?

If you dare to air your political thoughts: what are they?  Why is everyone in my facebook feed APPALLED at the behavior of the police?  Am I the only one APPALLED by the behavior of the non-peaceful protestors?