I can't deny this anymore.

I'm just a little obsessed with Beyonce.

Is everyone?  I can't tell.  To me, it's just SO OBVIOUS that she is the most talented and insanely perfect specimen to ever walk the earth.

But then her youtube music videos have about 1/30th the views that Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry have.   So I wonder, is it not so obvious?

I've been rocking out to her new album on my commute home from work everyday.  Nothing in the whole world would embarrass me more than if someone recorded what I sound like when I try to sound like Beyonce....please.  Nobody ever sneak a tape recorder into my car.

If you haven't yet been persuaded that she is a) the BEST performer and dancer, b) the MOST AMAZING singer, and c) WAY TOO beautiful for the eyes, then watch, in order of greatness (the best video is first), these videos.

This first performance below is the coolest thing ever.  I am astounded it didn't get more attention.  If you value ANYTHING IN LIFE, expand the frame and watch this bigger.

This video below rocks my socks.  She is so cute, and I love the big-band beat.

This last video is trippy and out of the norm for Beyonce, but shows off her unreal pipes and perfect skin.


After the beginning of my bad Saturday, I went to the See Jane Run store in Oakland with my $100 gift card, which I won in June for placing 3rd in the See Jane Run half marathon, good only for Asics.

I explained my situation: I currently wear Asics Cumulus 12's, but am interested in something lighter or more minimalist in order to make running FAST more efficient.

Somehow, I got suckered into these:

Asics Nimbus.  They are like, extra extra cushiony.  And they come pre-run through a pile of paint.

Oh well, if it's not broke don't fix it....running in cushioned shoes has generally worked for me.  I attribute all my injuries to the fact that I run a lot and don't stretch or practice strength-training; not to the fact that I wear cushioned shoes.

Also, when I recently decided to practice eating dates while running so my stomach could handle eating while racing, I bought this 89 pound tub of dates from Costco.

Now that I have demolished the thing (dates are pure sugar, I guess it's no surprise that they were attacked) I can proudly say that I ate.....2 while running.  2 out of the approximate 300 dates that were in there.  Awesome job!!

I am now signed up for Livermore Grape Stomp 1/2 marathon the weekend after next, because it is convenient and cheap -- even though I have been warned it may be boring and hot.

The course is new this year, and it comes with some new humps.

Can anyone tell me what kind of hill I'll be tackling?  I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know whether a 200 foot climb is intense, or gentle.

It looks like the hill begins around Mile 3 at 450 feet, and tops out at mile 8.5 around 650 feet.  200 feet in 5.5 miles?  Is that rough?

Thank you kindly