Redwoods and Costumes

Exactly one week ago, I was letting my legs chill out prior to the Grape Stomp Half Marathon on a peaceful day in the middle of a bunch of redwood trees.

That face makes me laugh, and swoon.  Sister and baby Gemma

the crew.  I made exactly 8 Fern Gully jokes.

We spent way more time staring at stuff like banana slugs than walking.  It was a gentle and beautiful walk.

Gemma's blanket is there so she doesn't disintegrate the Baby Bjorn with her drool

I ducked in to prove that Gemma and I are best friends

Memorial Park.  The only way I can describe where it is, is to explain that I drove through Woodside and La Honda to get there.   It is slightly inland from Pescadero.

Not too much to share on the running front.  I may or may not be running a half-marathon next Sunday in San Mateo.  I'll be checking the weather and my body, then probably make a decision by Wednesday.

Who has big Halloween plans? I'll be doing my usual whiny, "I'm not paying big bucks for something I only wear once," which is also to say that Halloween is not my holiday.  I think I dressed up for it once out of the past 10 years.

If I can't have an AWESOME costume, then I don't want any costume at all.  And since I'm not creative enough to have an awesome costume, I usually don't dress up.

If money was a non-issue and if I enjoyed dressing up, my dream costumes would be:

Jareth, the Goblin King from the Labyrinth
this kid's got the right idea
laser cats from SNL
I'm so angry they stole my idea
And I love this one.  From Parks and Rec, a sumo wrestler who lost weight.