Best Thing Ever


This week I have had no interest in listening to/writing my inner blog voice, so I avoided making a trip up in here.  Do you ever re-read your own blog and think, "oh, shut it already."  Sometimes it strikes me as terribly ridiculous and vain to write out and make readers read about the trivial.   But....there are blogs with 208374,83749823 readers who exclusively write about the trivial, so what do I know.

I still have nothing to say today, but a quick update is probably warranted.

Running has sucked this week.  My hip keeps teasing me that it might be feeling better after 2-3 days at a time of resting it; so I run, and while this strange hip issue allows me to actually run (something that other injuries simply deny), I can only give about 70% effort before it becomes too strained and painful to run at a greater effort.

In other words, I am able to run, but slowly and with an undecidedly concerning amount of pain.  Sprinting is out of the question.  I'm terrified that I am losing all my "fast" muscles just in time for a "slow" marathon in two weeks.

Since this doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that is going to disappear before December 4th, marathon day, I may have to write up a new (read: slower) game plan.  I will have to face this issue later....maybe December 3rd.   At all costs, I will still aim for a PR, but I may realistically have to lower my expectations.

In the meantime, this week has been glowingly fun thanks to the wedding and pre-wedding events for a wonderful pair of friends. 

Weddings are officially the best thing in the whole world.  I can't believe I'm rude enough to insist that I will never have one (too afraid of all the attention, among other concerns) given that I owe it to the world and friends to have one of these best-thing-ever events.

I had such a blast.  We danced hard, drank mildly, ate happily, hugged generously. 

If you thought I would learn how to post quality pictures as any quality blog should, you were wrong

Just go with it.  It's art.

The Gentleman played the first-dance-song with 5 of the groom's friends

My finger was jealous and tried to get in the band

This dress....I wish I had a better picture.  All my shots of the bride and groom are video.

Hope to have more time and inspiration to post during the Thanksgiving weekend.  Happy 3-day work-week!  Does anyone have to work on Thursday or Friday? :(