Run With the Jets Half Marathon

The REMIX! I mean, the RECAP!

written by: the eternally 2nd place woman RoseRunner.

Garmin time: 1:26:29
Place: 2nd place woman
Pace: 6:35

Official stats to come....

I made the choice to sign up for this on Friday.  The forecast was showing 30% chance of rain, and I figured I had a 70% chance of having an awesome dry race.  I was right y'all, no rain at all this morning.

As a runner-blogger, I always have something to blame for not having a perfect race, and in the week leading up to this one, it was my left hip.  Being a little bitch like "RoseRunner, you never stretch me and you never strengthen me, we can't withstand this kind of relationship, I'm going to make a fuss until you figure out how to treat me right."

So the rain was working with me, my hip wasn't.

Also working with me: the time change. Ahhhhh, blissful to wake up at "7:20" (shhh, it was really 6:20 but it felt like 7:20 to me) for a "9:00" race.  Do you play these mind tricks too? I'm going to act like I get to sleep in an extra hour for at least a week until I cave and catch up to the real time. 

I drank half of a 5-hour energy which was a freebie from my last 1/2 marathon; a banana; cherry juice; some gummy chews; and then we left for a 40 minute drive to San Mateo.

Perfect timing arrival.  The bathroom wait was about 2 minutes.  +98 points for the race already.

The race started at Coyote Park with this beautiful view.  +3984 points for the race already.

This was my serious and official running gear.  OK, it was my PJ's.  It was about 49 degrees.

Picking up my bib was a cinch.  +4,000,000 points for the race already.

I was quickly realizing it would be too warm for my long sleeved shirt and gloves, so I did a little strip dance and put on this purple shirt, which is the purple version of the same blue shirt I wore 2 weeks ago at the Livermore 1/2.

We waited until 8:08 for the race to start [9:08 if you know what I mean, hehe, time trickery]

Getting my dates in ready position

Lots of men, and then me. 

Get to the RACE already, I know, sorry.  Ok so the race started.  The course was an out-and-back, along the water.  I went out "too fast" or whatever, but that's my thing and I was feeling good so I didn't cry about it.

mile 1: 6:11
mile 2: 6:23

I was thinking "no ladies in sight, if my hip behaves and I can finish this thing, I might actually get first, wouldn't that be lovely."

 Acting like I can keep up with the guys who will run a 6:11 pace the whole time.

My new favorite running picture of all time.

My hip started hurting at mile 3.  No one wants to hear about it I know, but that is what was going through my mind for the next few miles.  Just wondering if I will be able to last without seriously injuring myself.

Mile 3: 6:32
Mile 4: 6:22
Mile 5: 6:35

I was so thankful that I stripped off my long sleeved shirt before the race.  With the sun out in full force, it felt warm.   All the way through the turnaround at mile 6.55, someone was drafting right behind me and I could hear their footsteps forever.  It didn't bother me, it actually made me keep my pace up.

I ate a date around mile 5, and continued to scare/annoy the water volunteers by not stopping to grab my water, and instead grabbing it mid-run and splashing them in the process.  Does nobody warn these sweet volunteers that this is common?  In smaller races, I always hear someone laugh or comment with surprise that I kinda....make a mess.  Sorry.

Mile 6: 6:35
Mile 7: 6:38

When we hit the turnaround, my world changed.

First, I realized that there was a woman right on my tail.  I had no idea.  We ran side-by-side for about a mile after the turnaround, and then I watched her leave me in her dust.  I was fading fast....because...

WIND.  Oh my goodness, I had not noticed what a handicap I had in my favor for those first 6.55 miles.  The wind had been at my back the whole time.  No wonder it felt so easy!!

I plowed into the wind for the entire remaining half.  That, combined with my fatiguing legs, left my time drop-drop-dropping.  I was pushing it pretty hard (I think).

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering what the wonderfully supportive Gentleman was doing while waiting for me, he was taking pictures of this stick.

 There are a dozen different versions of this picture.

And the reason this was called "Run with the Jets" -- the planes flying into SFO were by our side.

Mile 8: 6:52
Mile 9: 6:59
Mile 10: 6:58

Mile 10 is a nice point.  I can mentally deal with having 3.1 miles left.  Miles 7-through-9 are generally pretty tough for me mentally.  I usually feel like crap, and knowing I have 5 miles or so left sounds unbearable.

Unlike two weeks ago at the Livermore Grape Stomp half, I did not have that burst of energy saved for the end.  I trudged on through the last three miles, begging the wind not to be so cruel.  And begging for my hip to shut the front door (the worst of the hip was mile 10).

 Right before the finish, daintily avoiding the puddle.

FINISH! I was very happy to be done.

Mile 11: 7:01
Mile 12: 6:54
Mile 13: 6:38

Once again, my Garmin came up short from a full 13.1.  Blerg.  I don't know who to trust anymore; Garmin, Google maps, or the soreness of my butt (I will be sore this time).

I pranced (or waddled) over to Ms. 1st place and we chatted for a while.  She was lovely, and I may have a little girl-crush on her.  She finished somewhere in the low 1:24's, had just moved to the Bay Area from New York, and was a Central Park running-club member with Megan -- so I dropped Megan's name as if we were old bff's, even though I just stalk her blog.

New 1/2 PR, so I'm happy as can be.  Thanks for listening.