Four More Years!

It's not the holidays, I swear.  It's just work.  December has unexpectedly become the busiest work month of all this year, and spending 12 hours straight drafting motions/oppositions/replies/angry letters -->  me wanting anything but to write more for my 30 spare minutes in the evening before falling asleep.

Fittingly, my running life has been pathetic the past week as well.  I managed to get about 40 gimpy-hipped miles in, and then pulled a back muscle while....walking arm and arm with the Gentleman.  Eh?

Just to beat all you other bloggers to the punch with the "year in reflection" posts, I'm on track to hit 3,150+ miles for the year.

I hope to get a legit blog post up soon! In the meantime, check out my 2nd ever hang-out with real life bloggers.  I'm conveniently wearing a top with a rose on it so you know which one is roserunner (please, this was not on purpose.)

And peep on this ADORABLE BABY NIECE of mine!

Happy Hannukah to the Jews (I'm a non-religious half-jew celebrator of both xmas and Hannukah) and happy 4 year anniversary to me and the Gentleman!

Montage of love....GO

Please don't notice the obscene amount of gifts my mom buys

nature looks good on us

No seriously, we are soooo nature-ey.  Ignore that I sit at a desk all day most days.

Candy-cane tootsie-pop, holiday essential

four more years! four more years!

Seattle bums

Does YOUR boyfriend/husband dress this well?

I won

Birthdays Past

we know lots of stuff and gots, like, smart about the law

More Christmas Past