More Important than Christmas

It's Christmas Eve you say?

SO what, bigger things are happening...I got a haircut.  And got rid of that brassy yellow.

My hair had previously been at mermaid length.  What's mermaid length? It's when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and cover your boobs with your hair.  I have very thin hair, so I made for a pretty revealing mermaid.

The Hanukkah Angel got me that grandma sweater.  Just don't get confused and think that my hair is for grandmas.  It's the sweater, not the hair.

My yellow mermaid hair

We were on a Christmas train.  Santa, the Gentleman's nephew and dad

Check out the lightsssssss!

The Gentleman got a nasty, nasty flu virus yesterday, so I am bracing myself to catch it on Christmas day and spend the day in the bathroom.  :( please please please antibodies and white blood cells, do your job.  Alternatively, I really hope he just had food poisoning.

Happy haircut season everybody!