Post CIM

After Sunday’s 26.3 miles, I laced those shoes back up and ran 14 miles Monday, 11 miles Tuesday, and 16 miles Wednesday!!!

No. No, that didn’t happen.

Sitting all day (work) is definitely not helping my poor quads recover. I think walking is really key to getting the blood flowing and muscle repairing. Tuesday night, I finally went on a short (like ½ mile at most) walk, and woke up feeling 10x closer to not disabled.

I don’t recall taking 3 full days off after a marathon before. Usually one day is enough before I can do something light, like bike or elliptical at the gym. I’ll probably try out the elliptical tomorrow (Thursday), and maybe go for a nice run on Saturday.

But before I jump ahead to my future running plans, which is the first question I am usually asked after finishing a marathon, (with no exception for this past Sunday.  Duuuudes, simmer down, I just finished a marathon I’m not planning my next one yet!), I want to address the second most common question I have been asked:

How is my hip?

Pointless picture, but as GourmetRunner reminded me, nobody likes a post without pictures

I would describe it like this: exactly the same as it was before the race. And exactly the same as it was 5 weeks before that.

So it is rehab time.  I have already (beginning right after last Thursday’s physical therapy appointment) begun incorporating gentle balancing and strengthening exercises, including the complicated “stand-on-one-leg” balancing move, and a hip bridge move. 

Also, wall squats with a big exercise ball that I previously used for only two purposes: 1) to bounce on while singing/dancing to the Gentleman as he rocked out on the guitar (he is a secret rockstar, just so you know), and 2) to play “ride the bull” where we see who can balance on it, hands and legs free, for the longest.  Glad to have a third use for it.

I am excited to strength train. I feel like it is my secret weapon. “Oh, you thought I was a good runner before? Well WAIT til I whip out my strengthening skills and get TWICE as good!”

More Muscles please!  Not sure where they will legs are pretty undainty as it is

While strengthening, I still plan to run with regularity.  This hip thing never prevented me from running, it just hindered my stride from being comfortable and optimal.

Disorganized after-thoughts about the marathon:

  • It went by so, so so crazy fast. I truly didn’t have much of a chance to think about how lame my hip was before the whole thing was over.   It felt strange and dreamlike, the whole week snuck up on me so quickly.  In a way, I don’t think my “head was in the game” that day, and I wish I had done a little more mental prep to get psyched and ready. 
  • Thank goodness for the following things that really went my way: no bathroom issues, no chafing, no blisters, no problem with the new running sunglasses I bought at the expo the day before.
  • At mile 24 or 25, I promised myself, as I have during those miles of all marathons, that I would never. NEVER. Run a marathon.  Ever again.  I changed my mind about that while eating rubbery pancakes 15 minutes post-finish.  It couldn’t have been all that bad, could it?
  • I cannot wait to run CIM again. Eugene, who? Eugene, what? Despite how much I loved the Eugene marathon, this one takes the cake.  I can’t think of any flaws, except maybe that it was TOO AWESOME (actually, 5 degrees warmer would have been nice).
  • The Target socks worked perfectly as arm warmers. No need to buck up $30+ for a gimmick, folks, just buy these socks and poke a hole in the toe for your hands.

  • I almost choked on a Powerbar Gel Blast (it's a gummy chew). Stupid. But I still won’t run with gels.
  • It appears I ran about 0.1 mile further than runners who didn’t grab drinks at aid stations, due to the weaving.  I’m trying to determine whether that is significant enough that I should consider drinking less water in the future, or carrying a handheld.
After the race Sunday afternoon, the Gentleman and I went to Old Town Sacramento and walked around for about 2-3 hours. Curious what this post-marathoner eats?
  1. 3 Pancakes saturated in syrup.
  2. Small cup of tomato soup
  3. Part of a bagel
  4. Part of clif-bar sitting in hotel room
  5. “Poutine” which in the crappy style of Old Town Sac, was undercooked fries topped with lotsa mozzarella cheese (I made them hold the gravy cause it was meat gravy). 
  6. Chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve
  7. Cinnamon-sugar and vanilla-glazed mini-donuts, freshly made.
  8. I can’t remember exactly what I ate for dinner when I got home that evening....Oh, it was a veggie-burger from Qwik-way in Oakland (best veggie burgers EVER) with a messy egg-zuchinni scramble (I craved vegetables sooooo bad after a day full of sugar) and since I’m a little mouse, as the Gentleman calls me, I’m sure I snacked on about 8 other things as well (the usual culprits: almond butter, string cheese, trader joe’s cookies or chips).

Mini donuts...this place was great.  Picture stolen from Yelp.

I have continued to be insatiable the last few days despite zero physical exertion.  It's a good thing this is the season of endless holiday parties and food...

Share any of your favorite strengthening moves as I begin my heroic journey into rehab!

What's the best thing you ever ate right after a hard race?  I've had pancakes after Eugene and CIM, and they only kind of satisfied.   After a half marathon, I usually can't even thing about food without nausea for an hour or two.