So Many Pictures

Hey, remember when I ran a marathon 8 days ago?

Yeeeaaaaahhhh.  That was great.

Well I'm going to milk that experience a little bit more since I don't quite have the time to write the post I'd like to write.  Yup, I just pulled the "I'm sooooo busy" card.   (Fact: if you have time to tend to a blog, you're not soooooo busy.  Which is to say I am just busy-ish.)

I plucked out a handful of the professional CIM race pictures to share, making sure to select the ones where I look decent, further enforcing the myth that I don't look, you know, "gross" when I run.

These photographers are onto all us sneaky screen-shot users, making it harder than ever to steal a picture.  Hence, the rain of "copyright" on all these photos.

Photo # 1, above: Finish line.  So dorky that my hand went straight to the watch to stop it.  You wanna know what I was thinking while crossing that line? "Ahh, done. Oh -- Oh! Picture guy, oh no wait, let me move my hand!"  And then I whipped my hand away, because I didn't want my finish line picture to look like this.

 Photo #2 above: something about the brightness of my shirt makes me think of watermelon.  Watermelon would be such a great post-race food, especially for a hotter marathon.  <-- sorry I got really boring there.

 Photo # 3 above: I love those new sunglasses.  $15 at the expo the day before, and they were just perfect.  I have always had success with purchasing sunglasses for running at expos -- the stands always have some for less than $20.  Here's how you buy the perfect pair: you do the "scrunch" test.  You scrunch your nose so your cheeks rise, and then check whether the top of your cheeks hit the bottom of the glasses.  This is because the worst pair I ever had would rub against my upper cheek when I ran.  Maybe I just have chubby cheeks?

Do you wear sunglasses when you run? If you don't, why not?

Photo # 4, above:  I only ran sleeveless (sockless, to be precise) and glove-less for the last 5 miles or so.  It was definitely cool enough that I could have worn a long-sleeved shirt for the whole thing.  Also, I never put on sunscreen for races because I figure I am out of the sun and heading home by 10:30 a.m., and it isn't worth the misery of burning my eyeballs as the sweaty sunscreen drips into them.

Photo # 5, above: I've had my stride analyzed a few times and am a midfoot striker, so I don't know what's up with this photo.  It's possible my heel is still in the air and my toe was about to rotate down for the midfoot strike.  Or maybe my bum hip was throwing the whole situation off.

Photo # 6, above:  This copyright business is ridiculous.  I have no idea if I would want to purchase any of these, I can't tell how awesome or hideous any of these are.

K, now the rest of these are just getting repetitive but I swear they are different pictures.

Quick update:

Saturday I ran 3 miles and loved it but I had to stop at 3 -- a gentle achiness lingering in my legs.

Sunday I ran 10 miles and wanted SO bad to go on one of my long weekend 20-milers but I capped it at 3 laps around the lake.  I'd like to say I stopped at 10 because I was recovering like a good girl, but the truth is that my hip is a bit worse off post-race than I thought.  I experienced the same stiffening of the entire leg that I did during miles 13-18 of the marathon.  Slow and steady...strength train...I know.

Grand total of 13 miles this week, for my lowest mileage of the year!

If you love my face, this was the best post of the year.  If you hate my face, someone might be forcing you to read this blog against your will.