Embarrasing Thoughts

1) I don't understand twitter.  Not like, "I don't understand why people like it so much!" but like, I don't get the "@" and the hashtags and how you follow someone, etc.

2) Further living under a rock, I don't know what a tumblr is.

3) I also don't do Linked In.  I think this is a bad career move.

4) And while we're at it, I don't do Daily Mile.  I don't really want people spying on my exact daily mileage, thankyouverymuch.

5) When I'm at home, really cold, I sometimes grab a hair-dryer and use it as a personal heater.

6) I have been laughing for 3-days straight when I think about the most recent episode of the Bachelor.  Highlights: Courtney-the-model ambivalently accepting her rose by saying that the night, with the surprise of Shawntel, "has been a know, cuz of whats-her-butt..."  I will never stop saying whats-her-butt now.  Another highlight: Ben making out, very badly, with every girl.....while all the other girls watch from 8 feet away.

This is the face Courtney-the-model makes after subtly insulting someone

7) On the same note, I always root for the villain.  I loved Vienna, I loved Bentley, I loved Michelle Money, and now I love Courtney-the-model. 

8) I have never liked Mexican food (in California, this is a party foul) until this year when I learned that "tacos" at food trucks are soft tacos, and are really just small flour-tortilla-pizzas.

9) I don't own nail polish remover, so the only way I lose a coat is through chipping or outgrowth.

10) My dad still isn't speaking to me (or the Gentleman), ever since the Thanksgiving nightmare where we disagreed about running.

11) I'm often dismayed that the high-school personality revolving around "duuuude, I drank/smoked/snorted so much last night, that makes me soooo cool" persists in many, many adults.

12) I stopped giving a $hit about political elections in 2005, right after spending the 2004 election season in Washington D.C. during the Kerry/Bush election.  It's an angry, disgusting game to follow.

13) I refuse to watch Modern Family -- I've seen the curvy woman with the exaggerated-sexy-accent act dance around in enough Pepsi commercials to know I can't stand it.  I also refuse to try Glee.

Just....shhhhh, Sofia Vergara

14) Ever since becoming a lawyer, I look at calendars in an entirely new light.  They bring a new sense of panic, and dates are like puzzle-pieces.  

15) I've been eating meat for about a month now, mostly because I gradually became less appalled at the lingering memories in my head from the movie "Food, Inc."  None of the meat thus far has been worth it (not a single thing made me think, YUMMM, this is what I'm missing!?) so I'm back to not eating it already.  Although, I will adopt a flexibility so I can try some on special occasions (nice restaurants, holiday meals, weddings).

16) I still steadfastly do not want to have kids, which completely contradicts my absolute obsession and craving to constantly be around this little gem.

6 months, almost crawling!

17) I revert to an 8 year old when the electricity goes out.  Which it has about 6 times in the last 3 days.  I immediately figure someone cut the power so they could break in and stab me.

18) I think 40 degrees is really, really, really, really, really cold.  This week has been rough.

19) The Gentleman and I split a green smoothie 4-5 days a week.

20) I wanted a nose job extremely badly when I was about 16 years old.  Then I forgot about it for 12 years.  Now I hate my nose again.  (Not fishing for a compliment here, just sayin)



21) I can make a meal out of condiments.  Cream cheese; nut butter; nutella; olives; spoon; good to go.

23) I cannot stand Jennifer Hudson and her Weight Watchers commercials.  I'm sick of her flaunting her "new" bod, deflated boobs and all.

I find this cleavage to be....yucky. 

24) Recent soundtracks I have slipped into my car during my commute to work: Les Miserables, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Wall-E.

25) I think about quitting the blog-world about once a week.  Somehow, I've made it one whole year!

Your turn to reveal!