Hot Lawyer

I'm either a sucker or a saint, but reading some of your comments about wanting the Runners World daily calendar made me want to give one to everyone.  I momentarily considered buying 20 so that everyone could have one.  YOU get a calendar! and YOU get a calendar! and YOU get a calendar!

The random number generator, between 1 and 30, selected number 19 -- Maggie Wolf!

Congratulations Maggie, I would have picked you anyway ;) Email me your address at, and I will send it to you on Saturday!

Sucker or saint, yesterday I was also a hot lawyer.  Hot, that is, if you like weather girls.

We had picture day in our office.  Good decision all around, as it will be nice to have a lawyerly portrait for everyone in the office, and to update the firm website.

In general, lawyer portraits are extra silly.  Arms crossed (power pose) or noble stare (I want to WIN for you).  And always a wall of law books in the background.
Our firm offers....camel toe?

So I get to work, dressed in a great suit and ironed shirt, having spent a little extra time on makeup that morning at home (for a grand total of 2.3 minutes instead of the usual 1 minute).  I learn immediately that a makeup/hair girl will be prepping us for the pictures.  All the men in the office will get a quick touch-up to hide redness or puffy eyes.  But I will get the works!

The beauty woman introduced herself as a makeup artist for Dancing With the Stars.  Wow! Ok.  Surely she knows that lawyer pictures are different from the look that professional dancer Makshiavel Dianova wants (made-up name, probably close to something on that show).

Well, I'm not sure if she knew the difference.  You decide!?  A partner at the firm snapped the following pictures of me so I could send the Gentleman a teaser of my new career as a newscaster.

I also want to WIN your case for you

I will WRITE in my BOOKS for you!

I will CURL MY HAIR for you!

I'm going to hire the beauty woman full time.  Those curls look great! Wish I had beauty skills...

Question: she put Visine in my eyes (and I think everybody's eyes) because we are lawyers who don't sleep enough and stare at screens too long, thus, bloodshot eyes.  It instantly made me look better, and made my eyes feel less dry.

I asked, "are there any bad side effects of using Visine?" because I was certain I had heard that you should not use it regularly no get rid of red eyes.

"Oh no.  You would have heard about it if there were! I use this on everybody."  But...I did hear about it.  And all of her beautiful clients might now die from eye whiteness.

In all seriousness, I know google is right at my fingertips but you are much more fun to engage with.  Do you use eye drops for superficial purposes?  Have you heard of or experienced any bad side effects?


I'm still running.  Still with an imperfect hip.  Doing strengthening moves every now and then.  Losing my speed, and as soon as the weather gets bad (it has been SO NICE here in California!) I will get on the treadmill and do some speed workouts.

Sunday: 12 miles
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 13 miles
Wednesday: 13 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: 11 miles

I accidentally ran every day in 2012!! Dare me to keep it up? (I won't accept the dare).