Regift Giveaway!!


My Christmas fail is your gain. I had asked for the runners world weekly-desk calendar, cause I'm old school and keep my miles tracked in pencil. I received the daily box calendar instead.

You know the type.  Flip a page each day, get a new running tidbit. 

I'm not going to lie.  I just looked this thing up and saw that it was $37 on Amazon, leading me to believe this thing is cooler and more valuable than I thought.  Now I seriously want it.  Don't make me give it to you....but I said I had a giveaway, and I need to back that up.

So just know, if you win, I am kind of mad at you for taking this from me.

I do need to get rid of it -- anything that requires me to do something every single day (I guess except for brushing my teeth) is too much pressure for me to handle.  So I will let you take on the burden of ripping off a page every day instead.

Just promise me, if you win this, you will share with me any super-cool daily words of running wisdom.  Like, if you get the magic tip that will make me run a marathon in 2:45, I will be so mad if you don't share.

Unfortunately, the winner will miss the first week of January.  But on the bright side, January 10th (or whatever day you receive it) will be awesome because you will have extra running facts!

Go ahead and comment to your heart's desire.  Just use any letter of the alphabet or any number in the world and you will be entered.  If you comment but don't want it, say something to that effect.

I'll randomly (ha, yeah right, I'm going to pick my favorite person. no, it will be random. will it? yes) pick by Friday morning, so I'm favoring those of you who don't let your reader build up for weeks like I do.  Happy 2012!