The Run That Got Me Thinking...

I did my first ever TEMPO run on Friday!

Here's what happened.

Apparantly, my alarm has been set incorrectly all week (for P.M. instead of A.M.), but I typically wake up 10-20 minutes before my alarm because I have a spastic brain -- so Mon-Thurs I turned the alarm off before it was set to go off.

Friday morning, drained from the work week and some family drama, I never awoke on my own.  And my alarm never went off.  I woke up an hour late for my daily pre-work endorphin fix with the Gentleman's alarm.

I got outta the house in record time, and knowing I had less time than normal (usually in the realm of 90 minutes) but tons of energy to burn (the family drama gave me that feeling where you need to RUN out some feelings) I decided to do an impromptu treadmill workout instead of the easy elliptical+magazine deal I usually do on Friday mornings.

Gotta get my Bieber fix somehow.

This is more like it.  I'm 3-4 issues behind because I've been neglecting the elliptical for a few months.

I hopped on the treadmill and skipped the warm-up cause I was buzzing to go.  I pumped it up to 8.7 mph (6:53 min/mile) and spent the entire next 60 minutes between 8.7 mph and 8.8 mph (6:48 mph).  I finished with 8.73 miles in one hour.  Yum!

Now what is a tempo understanding is that you more or less run race pace for an hour, or 5 miles, or something like that.  Maybe you're supposed to run faster than race pace.  Who cares.

But lets pretend you are supposed to run race pace.  So let's suppose that 6:53/6:48 min/mile is my "race pace".  Do you see where this is going??? Some of you might.  Some of you probably don't.  Here's where I'm going.

6:52 min/mile ---------->>>>>>> THREE HOUR MARATHON.

To be precise, I think the idea is to get a 2:59:59 marathon (or anything starting with a TWO), so one of those 26 miles has to be 6:51 to fit the bill, nadda mean?

I will surely tackle the 3-hour marathon one day.  I was 89% certain leading up to CIM that I wasn't ready for it -- I wasn't ready mentally, nor training-wise, and especially not hip wise.

3:05:08, 7:02 pace by my Garmin

Not yet ready to dip under the 3 hour mark

I'm still not ready for it -- especially not hip-wise.  (This is making me think of "Samwise".  Lord of the Rings, what what).  But, I do think I'm mentally getting there.  Knowing that a 3:05 was not miserable -- fun even -- and was done with some body problems, I have the confidence that a 2:59:59 is totally attainable with this body, brain, and work schedule I've currently got.

And, this 8.7 mile "race pace" run this morning was totally comfortable! I have no idea why.  I've done a pretty bad job of getting in speed stuff in since December 4th 2011 (marathon day).  I've been keeping it cool, just running whatevs.  So if I can handle that pace now for about 9 miles, surely I can handle for 26 with some good hard work?

But for a dose of humility, during my easy/lazy noon run on Saturday, I didn't hit 8.7 miles until nearly 75 minutes -- almost 2 min/mile slower than my treadmill tempo run!  Most days of the week I'm very much an average runner.

Anyhow, I will be keeping my ear/eye open for a good marathon this year.  Part of me wants to wait until next December and do CIM again.  Part of me wants to tackle something this spring.  And part of me wants to get on a plane to Chicago in October (especially for the tourism factor, because the massive number of runners there FREAKS ME OUT). 

But first, figure out the hip.  I keep meaning to freaking make a physical therapist appointment, but you know, work and other stuff takes over.  So figure that out.  Plan A.

The 2:59:59 is on my radar.  Just so you know. :)

Please share any tips -- as to tempo runs or any other great training runs -- that I can put in my pocket to help reach a sub-3 hour marathon this year.  Or next year.  Or just some day.