This Day Happened

*Note: I won't be writing about the Olympic marathon trials that occurred today, because I didn't watch them and I'm a rude runner who loves the sport but is not particularly interested in the elites.  I am only aware that trials happened because the runner blogs in my reader can be rather redundant.

Today was the kind of Saturday that reminds me that all days should be Saturdays, and that I should revamp my efforts at winning the lottery so I only have to work when I want to.

I slept in until 8:30 (ahhhhhhhhhh -- like the spa "ahhh", not "omg ahhhh there's a spider), spent some time with the Gentleman (interpret this however you want, but be a grown-up about it), and then headed out for a perfect run on a perfectly crisp 60+ degree sunny-vitamin-D filled Oakland day.

I ran 19 miles -- the most since running a marathon like 6 or 7 weeks ago now -- and felt so ON.  Back to my old, pre-marathon self (lame hip and all) where 19 miles felt like nothin'.  

Some guy riding his bike approached me and said something about how I looked like "a real runner," and I later got a couple "hey speedy!" comments, which made me smile and just want to give running a BIG FREAKIN HUG, and never let it go, never let injuries take me away.  Such a drug...I sailed off the good vibes and finished the run at a 7:50 avg pace--something that never happens when my run includes some steep Oakland hills, which this one did.  I would have carried on past the 20-mile mark if I didn't have to get home to...

Help my cute guy set up some delicious food for a football viewing bonanza!  The San Francisco 49ers were playing their first game of the play-offs (big freaking deal), and they won, which means this exact fun Saturday scenario will occur again next weekend.

First, we got all the fantastic food out and ready, and I don't know how to reveal this without sounding like a lazy-ass, but the food was entirely prepared by the Gentleman.  He gets excited about recipes and cooking, while looking at a recipe card makes me depressed (24 ingredients? Do I have to get all Rachel Ray and carry them all at once like a toppling pyramid from counter to table?)  I footed the grocery bill, so I contributed in my own way. 

*I will say, I have helped him cook before, and I find it very rewarding and even fun if I am in the right mood to stir and stir and stir for 30 minutes.

The chef, setting the table

The living room, set and ready, with our now-adored new TV with some talkers talking

This is the kitchen where I watch him cook

His hearty homemade bread (NO breadmaker involved)

Plus dairy

Italian sausage chili....yeah so I may have failed to mention that I've been eating meat.  For about a month now.  Edamame guacamole on the upper left.

More cheese, wine, chili in the crock-pot, quinoa salad in the front.

close up.  Quinoa, corn, black beans, lime, scallions, etc.

I suited up in the cute new dress my sister found me for Christmas, from a vintage shop.

The boots may have been overkill, but I decided to pretend it's a little bit Winter in California


It's kind of a relief I don't always keep a camera with me, right?  Otherwise posts would be loaded with this nonsense.  Which is your fair warning that more pictures are coming.

Cause next, we ate that food and watched that football!

The appropriate way to watch football

First, we were all serious: "Actually, in 1824, Sir Footballius stated that there shalt be four downs"

Then we had some beers, loosened up, and made fun of Tim Tebow the appropriate number of times

Whatever made me laugh this hard is probably not blog appropriate

Simmering down

And the whole gang.

 Happy running and sport watching!