Oprah Hates her Stomach

Although I've never watched an Oprah show except for one or two sick days in high school (it's on at 3:00? 4:00? Isn't everybody not on their couch at that hour?), I have been a loyal O magazine reader for about 9 years.

Every time a new issue arrives in our mailbox, the Gentleman and I hold our breath to see....if....once again, Oprah found a way to hide her stomach on the cover of the magazine.

Look at these cute puppies, but not my stomach!

We've noticed a hilarious/sad trend.  On the off chance that the cover is not just a shot of Oprah from the shoulders up (most common), Oprah--or her magazine production team--finds a way to creatively cover up Oprah's middle section.

Christmas bulb wreath! Not a chubby belly!

We like to ponder whether she has strict orders that the cover-photo team always cover her up, or whether the cover-photo team secretly keeps taking these kinds of photos without telling her because they can't figure out how to flatter her body after years of working with Kate Moss types.

Today we hide the thip.  Thigh/hip area. That was a typo but now I'm going with it as a cool made-up word

Seriously?!  How does anyone not find it awkward that she is hiding behind a cake?

Dogs are a common go-to cover up.  Double-time with the block of words

Dogs!! Oprah HATES just one dog at a time.   She LOVES many dogs at a time.

I can't even find her legs in this one

Thank you...for incredibly large font "Thank You!"

My very favorite.  Oprah covers herself with Rosie O'Donnell....who covers herself with a curtain

Three Oprahs, concealed by one word flag.

Maybe these are all a coincidence -- after all, photoshop seems like an easier solution if hiding a bulge was the real purpose.  Either way, I don't understand what the editors/Oprah are trying to hide.  She is supposedly "candid" about her weight issues.  And, she looks fine as far as I'm concerned.  She's also OPRAH.  She could look like Jabba the Hut and we would still admire her for whatever that thing is that she does that we all love.

Who is Oprah fooling?  Do you think this is her choice or her editors? Am I trying desperately to devote an entire post to something irrelevant but slightly amusing? Yes.

I Don't Mean to Be Mean

Oh boy.

I don't know quite how to do this.  But it has been brought to my attention that there is something I should probably address and clarify up in here.  Up in "Rose Runner", whatever and whoever that is.

I feel that I have an angry job.  Many days of the week are spent "fighting" with opposing counsel, through nasty letters, phone calls, formal motions, or at a court hearing.  Many other days of the week, certain people in the office are stressed and pressed for time, which can spread a less-than-rosy mood around.

When I am out of the office and I get to be myself, I really value escaping this atmosphere.  I love not playing the game of win or lose (which is what litigation is), and I enjoy not having to craft arguments.  I do not want to spend any of my precious personal time being angry, or mean.

Now.  I have, from time to time, written "controversial" posts.  We're not talking abortion or gay marriage here (pro both, obviously...I do live in the bay area).  We're talking "here is this running related thing that I think is overrated."  This is true enough to my character -- I started this blog with the goal of being myself, expressing my thoughts, and not dumbing it down to be that awesome blogger who always talks in happy exclamations!! 

Somewhere along the way, I think some readers (some -- maybe just 3, maybe 100, I really don't know) have grown to interpret my writing style as mean.  As unkind, or presumptuous, or catty.  But there is something I need you to know.

FIRST: my brain goes 2834982 miles per second.  I literally cannot meditate for 6 seconds.  Literally. Of the millions of thoughts I have per day, about 0.0000000000000003% of them make it on the blog.  Maybe even less.  So when you read a post, you are not necessarily reading something I feel strongly about, or that I spent much time thinking about.  You're reading some off the cuff thoughts, many of which I change my mind about within the week, month, year.

Meditating in nature? No. Wrong.  Actually, I'm thinking about stuff. Lotsa stuff.

SECOND: I am a nice person.  I really am.  Somebody, vouch for me on this?  I do not hate one single blogger in this whole wide internet.  I do not dislike one single blogger.  I don't even hate Natalie Portman, despite all the grief I give her terrible movies (Blaaacckkk Swaaannnnn, Nooooooo!) I may not love certain content, and fine enough, right?  But as long as you are a good person who doesn't kill, rape, or steal (excluding stealing images from the internet, guilty here) then I totally like you.  Please, and sincerely, I want to extend a virtual hug to you as an apology if you ever think I have been unkind or unfair to you.

Loooook at that....I'm sweet! I swear!

THIRD: I am a critical person.  I am critical of certain aspects of myself, and the people that surround me.  I am critical of the movies, books, magazines, music, and food that I pay for.  I have learned that when you are critical on the internet, the tone can be interpreted by others more harshly than intended.  By making a remark of criticism, I am not trying to hurt anyone; I am just voicing those thoughts in my head.

Wine Critic

This wine gets a high score of "tastes like every other white wine I've ever had"

FOURTH: I can not change the way I write.  I am sure there will be some other "controversial" post in the future.  I just ask that you take it with a grain of salt, and if it offends you, let me know so that I can set things right.

Phew.  OK.  Is that clear? I'm sorry. I will try and tame myself a little.

I CAN be tamed


I have got to stop being so competitive with myself, or I'm going to keel over on the treadmill one of these days.

In an attempt to one-up myself from my last tempo treadmill run (9.27 miles in one hour), I did the following this morning:

9.39 miles in one hour (avg. pace 6:23)
1.0 incline (moved down to 0.5 incline somewhere around minute 48.  I was struggling).
Minutes:              Speed:
1-16                     9.5 (6:18 min/mile)
16-32                   9.4 (6:22 min/mile)
32-60                   9.3 (6:27 min/mile)

This was HARD hard.  My face was beet red afterwards.  My hip, as usual, locked my leg up at the 50 minute point.  But darn it, I wanted to push it harder than the week before! So I forged ahead!

I'm really hoping my future self will understand that I should not continue to reach higher...I seriously have no room for improvement right now.  9.39 miles in one hour! Cummon, that's good enough, right!? Please!?

Whatever.  I'm sure I'll somehow push it harder next week.

p.s. it's true, no one at my gym bats an eye at the fact that I am the one crazy person flying sweat in every direction, pumping the speed up and up and up.  Actually, I can't confirm this is true.  I'm usually just staring into space, and when I'm running hard, I'm too busy distracting myself in my head to notice people around me.

Are we good? Can we hug? 

Do you compete with yourself when you run, or with other people around you?

Things I've Seen While Running Lately

1) As you may know, I live a block away from a 3.4 mile circumference lake, and I run around it all the time.  With lakes comes a few things....crowds of people, waterfront condos, geese that poop everywhere, and seagulls.

Seagulls are smart.  They figured out how to grab these nasty clam/mussel things that lie just under the surface water of the lake, and then figured out that the easiest way to open and eat the suckers is to fly 50 feet up and drop the clam/mussel onto concrete, where it shatters open.

On many-a-run, I have been startled to hear a shell hit the ground with a loud and sudden "Smack!" and I think, "oh, you silly smart seagulls."  Then, I think "gosh.  I hope those silly smart seagulls don't ever drop one of those straight onto a little kids' head."  Given my close encounters, I didn't think they were actually smart enough to know how to time their clam bombs to avoid moving people.

Where's this going?  Well, recently a seagull dropped it's sharp, crusty dinner at a speed of 60 mph from up yonder in the sky, right onto my shoulder mid stride.

Scared the CRAP out of me! I thought someone threw something at me with full force.  One of these days, these birds are going to crack someone's skull...but, honorable and brave runner that I am, I shall forge on with courage and RUN around this lake, seagull crossfire and all!

2) Have you ever noticed how cute it is that babies drop stuff out of their strollers all the time without their parent knowing?  Usually a sock, shoe, glove, blanket, pacifier, bottle, or toy.

I would estimate that on 100% of my runs, I see a baby product abandoned on the ground.  I like finding socks/shoes/gloves the best.  They are so cute, little miniature people clothes.  Little miniature people who can't hold on to their shit.

During a couple runs recently, I noticed a whimsical trend where people are placing lost baby items on tree branches, like ornaments.  Treating a small baren winter branch like a foot, and slipping the baby sock over it.  So cute.  Maybe I should start a movement where we all go buy 100 baby socks and just start decorating the public streets with them?  Nobody's going to be in a bad mood if they see baby feet everywhere.

3) This morning as I popped out for a run, I saw two bottles of GT brand Kombucha, abandoned on the sidewalk, and literally 92% full.  It looked like someone took one sip of each, and then left them outside of their car.

I stared at them, bemused, pondering the possible scenarios of how it came to be that some abandoned SEVEN DOLLARS worth of drink.  Those drinks are dang expensive!

Scenario 1: "Hey girl, check these drinks out.  They're more than three dollars!  They must be totally amazing.  The most delicious thing ever.  I bet they taste like Disneyland.  Let's get some!"
And then with expectations as high as Disneyland, they twisted off the tops, had a sip, sprayed it out in a dramatic movie-shock kind of way, and declared, "this tastes like vinegar soda, with random pieces of sick-person mucus texture mixed in!", and abandoned it on the sidewalk.

Scenario 2:  "Hey hippy friend.  I earned $20 this week working at the co-op, let's go reward ourselves with the medicinal rejuvination of a Kombucha to purify our toxins."
"Sounds great!"
"Ah, ok, bout to take my first sip.  Mmmmm ---HEY! Hey!  I just remembered that I have to get some hemp birkenstocks RIGHT NOW.  We gotta GO! go go go go go. The Kombucha can stay behind, no time to lose!"

4) A sidewalk garbage Christmas tree.

For real?  Who keeps their Christmas tree until February 20?  That is some serious denial.

5) a Billboard for the movie "The Tourist."

I find it very humorous when a billboard space is in such low demand that nobody buys the space for several years, making it so something very irrelevant and outdated takes up the real estate.  I used to see this a lot when I lived in Los Angeles.  Some old Jennifer Aniston ad would stay parked at a bus stop station for three years past its release date.

6) No money on the ground.

I used to find money all the time while running.  $100 a year, easy.  This was also mostly in Los Angeles.  I'm guessing this is because the fashion is so ridiculous in LA that people are constantly losing money out of their skinny-jean pockets?

Fashion is totally worth having useless pockets

Rack your brain: what's something interesting you've seen lately during a run/walk/bike?

That's Numberwang!

Hey!  I know most people won't get the reference in the title, but for those who do, cheers.

Now.  That last post was fantastic -- thanks for engaging in the comments guys!

If anyone failed to peek at the contributions to a discussion of Daily Mile from my last post, I will recap here, and I will use NUMBERS since I learned that most of you LOVE numbers/graphs/charts :)

[numbers made up by me, but also 100% precise and accurate]

  • About 86% of those who commented USE Daily Mile (total surprise to me -- I thought it was a smaller deal)  
  • of those, 91% use it because you love the numbers/graphs/charts.  
  • 7% like meeting people through Daily Mile.  
  • And 2% think I should STFU because people who want praise for every daily run should be allowed to get it.  No problem by me, I wasn't planning on shutting the site down, with all my lawyer-ly resources and such....

Anyway.  I love the spark of discussion that sometimes happens in the comment section of blogs.

Now I know we've got a bunch of number nerds in the house!

I can kind of understand that, because I love my Garmin running watch (although only for time/pace/distance).  Still, I  don't plan any runs nor do I track past runs besides penciling in a rounded mile number into my desk calendar, which is mostly exciting so that next December 31st, I can see how many times I ran to the East Coast and back (approximately once, in 2011).

I like seeing good hard run numbers

Does anyone else just run to RUN? Without the charting and graphing and planning? Run freeee!?

While we're talking about numbers, I have two other significant number-based things to share.

1) This entire week so far, Monday through Thursday, I have been home and awake for a total of about 3 hours.  That is to say I have been at work until just before my bedtime.  This is disgusting.  I hate it.  I will never take it for granted again when I get to leave the office before 7:00!

2) 9.27 miles in one hour.

I'm too tired to say anything clever about this, but man, I had a killer treadmill run this morning before a long-ass mind-sucking day at work.  Tempo workout #3 in my lifetime.

1.0 incline
Warm-up at 8.4 mph (7:08 min/mile) for 3 minutes
9.5 mph (6:18 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.4 mph (6:23 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.3 mph (6:27 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.2 mph (6:31 min/mile) for 2 miles
9.1 mph (6:36 min/mile) for last 7 minutes.

After the full hour, I bumped the speed down to 8.5 (7:03 min/mile) for 30 minutes, which felt surprisingly slow and comfy after busting through an hour at 9.1-9.5 paces.

And somehow, I watched the treadmill numbers hit 1:27:02 at the same time that the distance hit 13.1 miles.

What. The. Hell.  Did I just accidentally kinda sorta PR in the half-marathon on a flipping treadmill?

I have run a faster half marathon, but it was on a short course (1:26:29 in about 13.00 miles by my watch).  This can't be right!  Why am I running faster in my 6:00 a.m. zombie state with a stiff hip than on a race course!?

I always thought treadmills were harder than running outside, but now I feel like I'm tricking myself.  I guess I'll have to wait until the Oakland Half Marathon at the end of March to see where I really stand...

That's Numberwang!  (Now you can all be in on the joke)

Have you ever PR'd during a workout?

Christian Bale and I Both Hate Daily Mile

My Saturday was so lovely -- it's own post later -- but this Sunday has been all sorts of lame, and in the mood that I'm in, I can just feel it comes.  A rant.

The Rant: Daily Mile.


I stumbled upon one runner's Daily Mile page (page? is that the right word) a couple months ago, took a quick peek, got really bored, and haven't been back.

Until. I popped back in for a second time yesterday, obliging a blogger who linked to their Daily Mile page.

Same reaction: bore.  But this time, I also met the page with a dose of cynicism.

Guys. Guys, guys, guys, guys.  Guys. Guys? Do we, grown ups, really need a pat on the back (or twenty) every time we get up for a run?

I know WashingtonRunsHere recently posted her thoughts on the silliness of receiving medals for placing 3,874th in a marathon. Or a 5k.  As if we are all so needy for praise and acknowledgement that we must have a prize for doing just average.  Honorable mention, if you will.  However you react to her argument, I'm going to branch off of it and say that nobody deserves a round of applause, or ten "you're such an inspiration" comments, for a daily five- miler.

A lot of bloggers that I really like are on Daily Mile so first of all, I don't hate you for using it, and second, I understand that there are all sorts of justifications for using it.

For example, I foresee the following justifications:

1) It's really nice to have the encouragement of the running community spread all around every day.

My response: I agree there is room for encouragement for many occasions.  Someone may deserve encouragement if they are deathly overweight and are easing into a diet program, three cheers each time they choose an apple instead of french fries.  Or super thumbs up when your toddler first wipes their butt on their own.

However, I'm a fan of not being babied.  The last time I was praised for wiping my butt, I was about two years old.  I don't need congratulations for living through one more day with my hobby (um, running).

Guys I did it! I went running!!!!!! Just as planned!!

So you ran a marathon?  That's a big deal.  Write about it on your blog, on Facebook, on your forehead, and you deserve the praise.  Really you do, especially if you pushed it hard and/or met a time goal.

But please. Your daily workout.  Is not news.

2) Daily Mile is just a short-format Running Blog

I guess it's true that some Running Blogs already receive fawning in the comments over reports of a daily run.   But I think generally there is content that supports the worthiness of blog posts - pictures, thoughts, stories.  Daily mile is two sentences - "eight miles on the treadmill today, 7:58 pace, felt so-so."


3) I do Daily Mile to keep me accountable to my workout schedule.

Hm.  OK.  Then is there some way to turn off the comments function?  So that it doesn't turn into a compliment party?  Cause if not, I'm not buying it, and it still sounds like "please give me attention for each run that I go on."

Sorry.  You can send me hypocrite mail if I ever sign up for Daily Mile, but for today, it strikes me as really needy.   And I still haven't bought into the group-runner mentality, so I'm conditioned to not like this kind of thing.

My rant for the month. Done.

My daily miles? Just shy of 21 miles, 4 of them with the Gentleman, the rest just easy and fun.  I can't believe what a huge difference it is for my body to run 21 miles versus 26.  21? I could probably hit that 3 days a week, recovery time not very necessary.  26 miles?  Strictly elevators for at least 3 days.

Your turn.  Daily Mile? Any reasons I shouldn't blacklist it quite yet?

Compression Socks and Stranger Danger

I caved into the blog-pressure and got excited about the idea of compression socks.

If it's good enough for two of America's best female marathoners...then I'm sold. But I don't like running in speedos, so maybe Desi has it right on running gear...

I think there is a 50-50 split on whether these things are legit are totally placebo.

After CIM, a time when my quads and calves burned up more than any other body part, I thought why not give these sock things a try if they are supposed to help circulation....or....what are they supposed to do?  Help with recovery?

Well right before Christmas I spotted a Groupon-type deal, two compression socks from here for $35 dollars, maybe it was $40.  Either way it was about half off.

I said "xmas please" to my personal Santa (mom) and promptly received the Groupon.  Then I had to order them, and they arrived last week.


I didn't go out in public like this, no worries.  (oh wait...I actually think I did go food shopping in this outfit, with boots added)

I had been worried about buying a size "small" because my calves are fantastically large.  So large, in fact, that in my life I have been asked if I am a) a dancer b) a gymnast and c) a fitness instructor, because of my shapely calves.  It was also noted by the big man on campus in high school, a literally big basketball player, that my calves were bigger than his.  Fuck you, puny calf boy.*

Anyway.  I ordered the smalls.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most difficult), they were a 4 in terms of difficulty to get on.  4 is also a button up shirt when your hands are cold.  8 is tying your shoelaces in the middle of a soccer game when your hands are numb.  10 is Spanx.

Immediately I was concerned about how not-tight they were.

Then when I went on a run in them, I realized the horrible truth.

They were just socks.  $35 socks.  My calves could not have cared less, except for how nice it was to not have to soap my calves down after a run (I always end up with dirt on my inner calves.  You?)

*speaking of inappropriate things that people say to me without any solicitation, I want to briefly reveal to you that during my 3-5 runs each week around my neighborhood lake (Lake Merritt), I get talked to about 80% of the time.


1) There is this one guy who walk/runs around the lake almost every day.  I usually only see him on the weekends because he is out between, oh say, 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  He might not be all....there in the head.  I say this because whenever we cross each other while running, he stretches his arms out like he is an airplane and skips towards me, waving, and sometimes shouts things like "fast!"  At first he freaked me out, but after 3 years of rendezvous around the lake with him, I know his name is Robert, and he loves running unconditionally, and I smile and give him a thumbs up and go extra fast for him.

2) There are a few separate guys who walk in the weekday mornings and give me encouragement every time I run by.  "How many laps are you on!? Looking goooood girl. Go Kristen!" (Kristen's not my name, but at least one guy thinks it is).

3) Then there are the groups of 4-5 men who walk every morning between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m., they appear to be retired, wearing windbreakers or other sweatsuit outfits straight out of the 1980's.  They might smile but it's hard for me to acknowledge them because there are at least 5 groups of guys like this, and I'm embarrassed that I can't tell the groups apart, so I don't know who knows me and who doesn't.  But today, one group brought me to a halt.  "Hey -- hey! Are you on your second lap!?"

"yup.  I'll be starting my third soon."

"What?! Second lap?! We were all talking about how fast you are going!?  You must be under 30?  Are you a distance runner?  You've lost weight, you look like you've lost weight?"

That is what it sounds like when 5 guys ask questions at the same time.  All I got out was ", I've always looked like this", and then I ran on my merry way wondering which one of my extremities looked like it belonged to a weight-watchers graduate.  What in the balls?

4) And sometimes I just run into Merilee with her daughter.  Merilee caught this photo of her daughter, and me running around the lake in the background.

She's so lucky to grow up near this awesome neighborhood!

In conclusion AND in summary, most running encounters are very encouraging and friendly, and generally make me think that people in Oakland aren't used to seeing a white girl run hard.  Don't they know that Magdalena Lewy Boulet lives here?

Now onto my awesome football-less weekend.

If you live in the bay area, you may want to get thee to Commonwealth in Oakland.

Picture porn to show you why:

My curry egg-salad sandwich with mango chutney

Our shared "scotch" egg -- coated in sausage and crumbs

The Gentleman's shepard pie

Oh just the best scone I've ever had, with jam and clotted cream


Seriously great
Oh and I also got this trout salad.  I ate a lot.

After the above brunch, I managed to do something YOU have likely never accomplished: I bought two dresses while on a hike (see: above picture of me in compression socks for one of the dresses).

We walked about 8 miles round-trip to a mall in Emeryville so I could stop at See's candy, and to enjoy the beautiful day.  We popped into at Target to use a bathroom on our way to Emeryville...and...I walked out with two dresses for under $50.  I have more dresses than underwear.  Literally.  too much.

My...umm...See's candy stash.  Listen listen, See's doesn't sell stuff ANYWHERE but their stores, so when I'm at a store, I stock up.  I'm smart, not a hoarder.

Compression socks: Gimmick, or love it?

What's the most ridiculous thing a stranger has said to you while on a run?

Do you wanna come hang out and help me with my See's candy stash?

Nine Miles, One Hour

What happens when your boyfriend under-cooks a homemade loaf of Artisan bread?

He refuses to eat it, because it is doughy and dense in the middle.

I then realize this is  my heaven and the loaf is that perfect compromise between my love of dough and my love of homemade bread.

And then I eat the whole thing.

Really, the only thing that has ever kept me from eating a whole homemade loaf in one sitting is that the Gentleman eats half with me.  This time he didn't do his part, and I didn't complain because ooooohhhh my gosh dough.  I love dough.

Eaten alternately with salty butter, blue cheese, and brie, I had the Thursday Night Munchies that just wouldn't quit.

And then I woke up Friday morning and had such a bad-ass run!  Totally attributed to the bread.

Man I don't know what I would do without this blog.  The whole day I was like, "I wanna tell someone about how cool my run was this morning!" But in reality I have no one to tell -- I could text the Gentleman, and he'd be like "that sounds like a good run."  The only thing he can really measure for running is that anything under 3:30 marathon is fast (I think I taught him this a few years ago when I ran a 3:31.  hehe).

I suppose this Friday morning was officially "Tempo Run Number 2" for me.  Hopped on the treadmill, pumped up the incline to 1.0, and pumped the speed up to 9.0.

60 minutes between 9.0 mph (6:39 minute mile) and 9.1 (6:35 minute mile) with a few minutes at 9.4 mph near the end.

Total: 9.03 miles in one hour.  Hell to the yes!

I didn't know I could whip that out and it could feel good.  It felt so so freakin nice.  I didn't feel any hip/butt pain....until minute 50.  Minutes 50-60 were not awesome.  My leg did the locking thing it tends to do when I run fast.

While I'm on this roll bragging like a....blogger, here is a stream of pictures of me in a pretty dress that I wore to the Gentleman's work event this past week.

I did not mean to include my race medal collection....but....appropriate for the blog

It was quickly apparent that this photo shoot needed some props

Just like Madonna and Katy Perry, I can...look cool with a guitar

What wonder is this!?

Pick a hand, any hand

aw I'm shy, I have nothing in my hands

The Gentleman said "now REALLY smile" so I went for it

Then I turned the tables on him and acted as Photographer

na nana na na, your shoes are untied.

Oh heyy, you look HOT with your shoes untied

So happy it's Friday.  The weather is scheduled to be fantastic this weekend in Northern California, and everyone will be on the couch for the Superbowl on Sunday.  Now I ask -- where should I go to take advantage of the lack of crowds that will be out and about?  I won't be watching football now that the 49ers are out.  But I love the empty malls and freeways that accompany Superbowl Sunday.  Maybe the ferry building in San Francisco? The beaches? Any ideas?

What I'm Loving

The song "Houdini" by Foster the People

The "Pumped Up Kicks" song is ultra-overplayed, and...not very good.  So I wrote this band off.  But this song is impossible not to dance to.  Adding it to my running playlist, and hitting repeat.

WATCH or die.

Coming home from work and finding a delicious, plant based, healthy meal prepared by the Gentleman.

Soba noodles, edamame/corn salad, black beans, sauteed zucchini with onions

Close it up now

And the homemade no-machine bread keeps on coming...

He even does step one of packing my lunch for the next day.  Classic fruits. 

I can't get too used to this....his tax busy season starts soon, so we will both be getting home too late to cook a proper meal.

"The Artist" the movie

I've been a huge-ish fan of the lead actor, Jean Dujardin, for 3-4 years now, ever since a friend introduced me to his O.S.S. films (French spoof "James Bond" films, in the style of the Naked Gun or Hot Shots, but better).

This movie came out and knocked me off my socks (I think this may be an incorrect combination of two phrases.  Oh, well).  I really hope he wins the Oscar, and that the movie wins too!

One of my favorite scenes

Another unforgettable scene

"Easy for You" Stetson commercial

I used to sing this as a bedtime song to one of my sisters when I was like 8, to be funny.  And right I was.  That is funny.

This map of terms used for Soft Drinks. (Click for enlarged view)

I love this because I remember as a kid thinking my friend who moved to Napa from Utah was a weirdo for calling soda "pop".  She must have lived in that blue part of Utah.

I am signed up for the Oakland Half Marathon, countdown 7 weeks. 

It starts at 9:00 a.m.  Right outside my front door.  So perfect for a lazy-butt like me who loves running but hates waking up early and hates driving.

This is the race last year that started it all for me -- by all, I mean my excitement about racing and blogging

Can't wait to do it again, even if my weak hip gets me a Personal Worst.

Speaking of my hip...Physical Therapy Appointment set for Next Week

Nothing to say about that's about time!

I've been running as usual, but my hip/butt area has never been the same since October/November of 2011.  After my December marathon, the pain migrated and primarily is where my thigh meets my butt.

My nail polish

Christmas Gift.  Pastels always make me happy.

The fact that now that I am 28, I spotted my first wrinkle.

It's on my forehead, and it literally sprouted the day I entered my "late twenties".  I guess I know now that I won't be one of those gorgeous people who has zero wrinkles when they are 60. 

But really, am I lovin this wrinkle? I dunno.  Kind of yes, it is such a strange tiny little shape.  I guess I crinkle my forehead in a strange way.

OK, it is admittedly hard to find.  It's on that forehead somewhere though.

If I start rocking bangs soon, you know why.  Bangs keep you young.  And are horrible for runners whose heads sweat once a day.

Coach Jay Johnson's Myrtl Routine for Hip Exercises.

I am forever indebted to SweatyKid for telling me to get on this, I love these moves.  They burn so good!! And I fully expect they will make my hip perfect and I will blame SweatyKid if I am not healed asap. 

This Image My Sister Posted on my Facebook Page

While I STRONGLY DISAGREE with Mufasa, and I love everything (ahem 82% of) Oakland, this picture did remind me that my 11-year-old obsession (there really is no term more accurate) with J.T.T. will forever hold a place in my heart.  Good thing he grew up to be handsome so that I don't have to be embarrassed in my 11 year old fantasy whereby I forced him to marry me.

Niiiiiice.  I got this Entertainment Weekly mag, and am planning to hang the pics of him on my wall

And last, I'm lovin that my littlest sister (a cute 19 years old) is officially my FIRST family member who has read this entire blog.  I think she will now be a stalker.  Say HI  to HAMMERS (a family nickname)!

Hi pretty Hammers!