Christian Bale and I Both Hate Daily Mile

My Saturday was so lovely -- it's own post later -- but this Sunday has been all sorts of lame, and in the mood that I'm in, I can just feel it comes.  A rant.

The Rant: Daily Mile.


I stumbled upon one runner's Daily Mile page (page? is that the right word) a couple months ago, took a quick peek, got really bored, and haven't been back.

Until. I popped back in for a second time yesterday, obliging a blogger who linked to their Daily Mile page.

Same reaction: bore.  But this time, I also met the page with a dose of cynicism.

Guys. Guys, guys, guys, guys.  Guys. Guys? Do we, grown ups, really need a pat on the back (or twenty) every time we get up for a run?

I know WashingtonRunsHere recently posted her thoughts on the silliness of receiving medals for placing 3,874th in a marathon. Or a 5k.  As if we are all so needy for praise and acknowledgement that we must have a prize for doing just average.  Honorable mention, if you will.  However you react to her argument, I'm going to branch off of it and say that nobody deserves a round of applause, or ten "you're such an inspiration" comments, for a daily five- miler.

A lot of bloggers that I really like are on Daily Mile so first of all, I don't hate you for using it, and second, I understand that there are all sorts of justifications for using it.

For example, I foresee the following justifications:

1) It's really nice to have the encouragement of the running community spread all around every day.

My response: I agree there is room for encouragement for many occasions.  Someone may deserve encouragement if they are deathly overweight and are easing into a diet program, three cheers each time they choose an apple instead of french fries.  Or super thumbs up when your toddler first wipes their butt on their own.

However, I'm a fan of not being babied.  The last time I was praised for wiping my butt, I was about two years old.  I don't need congratulations for living through one more day with my hobby (um, running).

Guys I did it! I went running!!!!!! Just as planned!!

So you ran a marathon?  That's a big deal.  Write about it on your blog, on Facebook, on your forehead, and you deserve the praise.  Really you do, especially if you pushed it hard and/or met a time goal.

But please. Your daily workout.  Is not news.

2) Daily Mile is just a short-format Running Blog

I guess it's true that some Running Blogs already receive fawning in the comments over reports of a daily run.   But I think generally there is content that supports the worthiness of blog posts - pictures, thoughts, stories.  Daily mile is two sentences - "eight miles on the treadmill today, 7:58 pace, felt so-so."


3) I do Daily Mile to keep me accountable to my workout schedule.

Hm.  OK.  Then is there some way to turn off the comments function?  So that it doesn't turn into a compliment party?  Cause if not, I'm not buying it, and it still sounds like "please give me attention for each run that I go on."

Sorry.  You can send me hypocrite mail if I ever sign up for Daily Mile, but for today, it strikes me as really needy.   And I still haven't bought into the group-runner mentality, so I'm conditioned to not like this kind of thing.

My rant for the month. Done.

My daily miles? Just shy of 21 miles, 4 of them with the Gentleman, the rest just easy and fun.  I can't believe what a huge difference it is for my body to run 21 miles versus 26.  21? I could probably hit that 3 days a week, recovery time not very necessary.  26 miles?  Strictly elevators for at least 3 days.

Your turn.  Daily Mile? Any reasons I shouldn't blacklist it quite yet?