Nine Miles, One Hour

What happens when your boyfriend under-cooks a homemade loaf of Artisan bread?

He refuses to eat it, because it is doughy and dense in the middle.

I then realize this is  my heaven and the loaf is that perfect compromise between my love of dough and my love of homemade bread.

And then I eat the whole thing.

Really, the only thing that has ever kept me from eating a whole homemade loaf in one sitting is that the Gentleman eats half with me.  This time he didn't do his part, and I didn't complain because ooooohhhh my gosh dough.  I love dough.

Eaten alternately with salty butter, blue cheese, and brie, I had the Thursday Night Munchies that just wouldn't quit.

And then I woke up Friday morning and had such a bad-ass run!  Totally attributed to the bread.

Man I don't know what I would do without this blog.  The whole day I was like, "I wanna tell someone about how cool my run was this morning!" But in reality I have no one to tell -- I could text the Gentleman, and he'd be like "that sounds like a good run."  The only thing he can really measure for running is that anything under 3:30 marathon is fast (I think I taught him this a few years ago when I ran a 3:31.  hehe).

I suppose this Friday morning was officially "Tempo Run Number 2" for me.  Hopped on the treadmill, pumped up the incline to 1.0, and pumped the speed up to 9.0.

60 minutes between 9.0 mph (6:39 minute mile) and 9.1 (6:35 minute mile) with a few minutes at 9.4 mph near the end.

Total: 9.03 miles in one hour.  Hell to the yes!

I didn't know I could whip that out and it could feel good.  It felt so so freakin nice.  I didn't feel any hip/butt pain....until minute 50.  Minutes 50-60 were not awesome.  My leg did the locking thing it tends to do when I run fast.

While I'm on this roll bragging like a....blogger, here is a stream of pictures of me in a pretty dress that I wore to the Gentleman's work event this past week.

I did not mean to include my race medal collection....but....appropriate for the blog

It was quickly apparent that this photo shoot needed some props

Just like Madonna and Katy Perry, I can...look cool with a guitar

What wonder is this!?

Pick a hand, any hand

aw I'm shy, I have nothing in my hands

The Gentleman said "now REALLY smile" so I went for it

Then I turned the tables on him and acted as Photographer

na nana na na, your shoes are untied.

Oh heyy, you look HOT with your shoes untied

So happy it's Friday.  The weather is scheduled to be fantastic this weekend in Northern California, and everyone will be on the couch for the Superbowl on Sunday.  Now I ask -- where should I go to take advantage of the lack of crowds that will be out and about?  I won't be watching football now that the 49ers are out.  But I love the empty malls and freeways that accompany Superbowl Sunday.  Maybe the ferry building in San Francisco? The beaches? Any ideas?