Ambassador of What?

Fact: I don't have any advertisements on my web page.  Not a single one.  I may have hideous flower wallpaper, and the crappy layout of the Blogger platform, and a neglected "about me" page, but no ads.  No sponsors.  No affiliations or partnerships.

Completely devoted only to myself. ew? 

Reasons: I'm still holding strong to the fact that this is my public diary, 75% devoted to the running aspect of my life, and therefore has nothing at all to do with making money or supporting products.  I also don't think I get enough traffic to warrant the eyesore of a Google Adsense box that would make me $0.12 per year.

I'm also a really bad liar.  Which is why I would lose my sponsor the first second I wrote, "I think its rad that these chocolate milk people support me, and I think chocolate milk is delicious, but I only drink it when it is handed out for free after races."  Ya dig?

But now, I have been sitting on an e-mail proposal for over a month now.  (Maybe that means the offer is off the table....since I never replied).  The invitation: to become a FitFluential Ambassador.  (Maybe now the offer is extra off the table since I'm gossiping about it here...).

First of all, I'm pretty confused why they would want me.  Am I an ambassador of FitFluenting? OF COURSE I am.  That's probably the first association that comes to mind when you think of me.  However, am I a really great blogger who is a social media queen and takes over Twitter and Facebook and blogs twice a day? Hail no.  I'm terrible at that.  I try to post twice a week, and even that seems impossible some weeks.

Second of all, I don't know what being an ambassador would mean.  Do I travel to foreign blog lands and represent the United Nation of Rose Runner as the highest ranking diplomat? Also hail no.  I think, what it means, is I would be one of these beautiful, mostly white, mostly female, exclusively thin, fitness enthusiast portraits. 

Sup.  I'm white.  I'm a girl.  I blog about running.  Meet your new ambassador.

Ultimately, I don't really have any clue what this is or what the point is.  I think it's some gathering ground for fitness bloggers with some benefit for all involved. 

So if I haven't already alienated myself from any possibility of ambassadoring, whachu think?  Will you:
A) like me more if I dive in and represent the CRAP out of it, 
B) be annoyed to find another blogger in your feed pushing something you don't care about, or 
C) seriously don't care at all, this post is wasting your time, and think I should be able to make decisions without consulting the masses.


Running is the only constant in my life right now.  My firm is in the stages of trial preparation, and this has pretty much obliterated my social life, any semblance of a healthy sleep pattern, and left me cancelling my physical therapist appointments (three times!), avoiding the dentist (14 months now since my last visit...) and driving a car that desperately needs an oil and tire change.  I'm a mess.

No awesome tempo runs this week (the 9.39 miles in one hour record holds!), but I've been getting a 12-14 mile run in before several work days and a longer 18-22 mile run on Sunday.  Just running for the deliciousness of it all, no goals at the moment. 

I will be running the Oakland half marathon in three weeks, which will be unpredictable. I know my hip issues will still be present since I haven't had the time outside of work to deal with it properly; I also don't even know if I will be able to make it to the race, because of work.  Trials don't wait for you to go run a race, I guess.

Now scroll back up and answer the multiple choice quiz.