I Love the Oakland Police

I really do, I love them.  They came out by the dozens for today's half and full marathon, closing off streets and cheering.  It doesn't hurt at all that they are very attractive.  They rock.

The only pic I could find, from this guy's great recap of the full marathon in 2010

You know who else rocked today? Me.  I felt fucking fantastic.  Everything that XLMIC did for me, and told me to do on my own, must have worked.  My hip felt fine -- in fact, this is probably the first half marathon ever where one of my hips didn't at least get fatigued by the end of the race.

Sadly, this was my first race without the Gentleman's support (he went to work), so this pre-race picture is all I have today

I tossed this shirt at the start and ran in a black tank.  So I was not a complete purple weirdo.

I know a lot of people don't like this "unofficial Garmin time" talk or excuses, but I want to talk about my Garmin time instead of my official time, because I think it reflects how I felt today, how strong I ran today, and how I have improved.  The Oakland half-marathon is notoriously a long course (at least I have pegged it to be -- last year it was 13.36 by my watch, this year it was 13.32 if not more because of multiple tunnels/overpasses where my watch went off).  I'll happily accept my official time, even though it won't reflect the PR kind of day that I had.

By my Garmin:  13.1 miles in 1:25:49.  Only one mile was over a 6:40 pace!
By my Garmin:  13.32 miles in 1:27:09.  I don't know my official time yet, but because of the tunnels/overpasses, I'm sure it is many seconds slower.

The 1:25:49 reflects how I felt.  Each mile felt strong, and the second half of the race felt better than my typical half marathon.  I definitely had a better day today than I did at this race, which I guess is technically my PR, where I ran a short course of 13.0 miles in 1:26:35. 

I will also say that, sadly, I didn't "leave it all" out there on the road today.  The entire run was so very comfortable.  My breathing felt easy, my body felt fantastic--except for a little calf pain (I think my purple compression socks confused my calves), the weather was incredible--just perfect perfect at 50 degrees and overcast without a single drop of water.  I'm embarrassed to say that I caved into the comfort of it all and just enjoyed it, instead of pushing myself to that point of feeling like death.  I kept it steady and fast but not all-out.

Consider this post my quick reflection after getting home from the race.  Later I will post a more detailed post on the race itself, mile by mile, so consider yourself warned if you can't stand those kind of posts.