Irish Eyes

Where are my green-eyed girls at!?  And green-eyed guys!?

I have supposedly always had green eyes, and thus always been able to declare myself unpinch-able on St. Patrick's day.  But while trying to dig up a photo proving so, I struggled.  Camera red-eye, shadows, and sunglasses are preventing me from proving I am Irish-eyed!! The best I can do:

If I was a good friend I would take the time to crop this photo. Apologies.

Arguably green

Definitely green

Christmas themed red and green

Sorry Gentleman, take one for the team while I look for proof of green eyes

Maybe blue or brown but probably not green

Grey and bloodshoot

I guess unless your eyes look like this:

It is hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your eyes are green and not hazel.  Green eyes are kind of chameleon.  I can definitely have hazel, brown, grey, or even blue-ish eyes based on the clothing/make-up/lighting.

Back to Sir St. Patrick, who famously declared "thou shall drink green beer!"

I expertly stirred in leprechaun blood
Camera 2

Which creates a lot of foam unfortunately

Ok ok, so green this, green that.  St. Patricks day was a lot of fun.  My mom came up and cooked us the classics, and I now want to eat Irish Soda Bread for every meal.  All of them.

Other weekend facts: I caught 21 Jump Street this weekend (consensus: good movie).

Went out for lunch at Bette's Oceanview Diner (featured on the Food Network yo) in Berkeley and savored the fluffy souffle pancake.

Ran into a very talented balloon guy

Played with a cool art feature on the web

and accidentally created a unicorn creature out of the lightening streaks

Had some quality couch time with my blanky (comforting through nightmares since 1985!) and my non-Irish French guy.

 Painted my nails a saucy greenish blue which looks more blue in this photo

Lastly, I "ran into" (well, ran by as she was driving) the famous and lovely XLMIC and we caused all sorts of angry rioting by holding up a right-turn lane.  Oakland needs to CALM the eff down.  Anyway, during our brief exchange in which I had to throw tear gas at the rioters (too soon?) we determined that she is going to come over this week and cure my hip malady. 

Alas, I know there is no quick cure, but I will continue to dream of it.  Speaking of dreams, my inner-conscious has officially realized I have a race soon because the dreams started.  In one night of dreams, no less than ALL of these royal screw-ups happened:

1) I accidentally ran 20 miles the day before the race
2) I ate an enormous breakfast and kept on eating up until the race started
3) I left my house 11 minutes before the race started and there was a shit-ton of traffic. 
4) I forgot to bring my bib and chip to the race.  Because I forgot to go to the expo the day prior.
5) I wore soccer cleats to the race.
6) I got mega, super, ultra lost during the race.

I think I sufficiently got all that stress out, so it's no worries from here out. 

Who has green or chameleon eyes?
How was your St. Patrick's Day?