Me v. Hip

Shit is just not going my way this week.

I'm so indescribably frustrated with my "hip".  It's really not even my hip, did I ever tell you that?  I'm going to get real medical for a second, and describe it like this: It feels like the bone where my butt hits my thigh is out of place.  If I raise my left leg straight up like a Rockette, or like a person who is trying to propel forward while running, it hurts like balls.  The faster I run, the more it hurts.

And even worse, the more I try to fix it, the more it hurts.

I've been standing and stretching like a champ this week, doctors orders.  I've been foam rolling like a pro.  And now I'm riled up, because it is becoming clear to me that this is not a tendon issue, or a muscle issue, or a flexor issue.  This is deeper.  Stress fracture or mis-alignment -- and I've ruled out stress fracture, because it doesn't hurt at all to put weight on my leg.  It just hurts to make my leg stride forward.

Stopping to walk while running is new to me, and it has been happening all the bloody time.  It feels like time is standing still when I have to stop.  I look around, in a fog, confused why I'm not running and running like I have been lucky enough to do for 15 years.  I want all that time, when I'm stopped and stunned, back in my pocket.

Other shitty things this week?  You know how I was all "boo-hoo, long hours because of this large case that is set for trial", and then I was all "yay, that case settled."  Well today, after a year with my firm, I was nonchalantly told in a circuitous way, that I am going to be paid less. I guess because we are less busy.  It's complicated.  But that's certainly not what you expect as your annual encouragement.

What else can I lament about from this rude week...hmm...oh yeah, two new cavities (thank you kindly for the 3+ years in braces, orthodontist.  All that impossible flossing is catching up to me now).  And hear this, I loved reading "the Hunger Games" and am as excited for the movie as anyone else, but after hearing everyone else's HG fever I'm starting to resent the movie.  I cannot be a part of the herd! You can't make me!

Let me try and lighten the mood for a moment..with some brown font....(I tried yellow or orange and it just hurt my eyeballs).

Things that are good this week:

  • XLMIC has kindly offered, and I accepted her offer, to come over and scare my hip into behaving.  It is so lovely for someone to be invested in making this hip heal, since I don't feel much promise from my "stretch and stand" RX doctor. 
  • I get to run a great half-marathon this weekend in the city that I currently call home.  I'm still excited, despite the inescapable fact that it will be painful with a capital P. and AINFUL. 

Oakland Half last year.  For a butt-load of memories and pictures, go here

  • I went to a work event on Tuesday afternoon/evening and got to put on a pretty "first-day of Spring" dress.

photos of mirrors probably didn't exist before the internet.  I must show the world ME!

Here's the Sunday Plan.

  1. Run until my hip/butt falls off
  2. Avoid a Personal Worst
  3. Take stretch breaks.
  4. Wear a pair of compression socks I've never worn before for fun so I will match some other cool runners.
  5. Wear the strangest pair of shoes because they seem to cooperate when I run faster.
These are so wrong for me.  I think they are for stability, which isn't my foot type

Number Three is a whole new ballgame for me.  I have never, never stopped during a race, neither marathon nor half-marathon (except the one time I had to go to the bathroom).   Maybe this will help me gain surges of energy in addition to getting a good stretch.  I'm thinking about four 20-second breaks or so.  I'll lose a minute or two, but hopefully stretching out the hip will make it so I can finish without hopping.

I'm sorry all around, sometimes it's not fun to read about injuries or about bummer weeks but writing it out makes me feel better already.