Sitting is bad for Running

I finally made and kept a Physical Therapy appointment yesterday, less than two weeks before jumping back into my first race since early December 2011.

I ran to my appointment--Kaiser is 1.5 miles from my home and parking is not free--which I think weirded the doc out a little bit.  "Your hip is bad? But you ran here?  And you're running a half-marathon in two weeks? And you ran a full marathon on that hip? Oh.  Judgey judge judge judgey-time."

Nahhh.  She was cool enough.

After watching me contort my body while I said "ow" or "no ow's," she prescribed me a dose of "let's start with the simple things" and gave me some life changing orders:

1) Stretch
2) Don't sit all day.

Let me backtrack.

As for stretching, well I never do it.  Never.  That's not true.  I stretch at stop-lights during my runs, and during water breaks.  I stretch when my hip becomes so tight during a run that my leg locks up.  Sometimes when I drop my soap in the shower I lean over and hold it for 1.5 seconds for a stretch.

The concern is, my hamstrings are absurdly tight, and my hip flexor tightness may be part of the hip problem.  Between you and me, my hip problem is at a place far beyond the issue of a tight hip flexor.  The pain is deep in the structure of my hips, and doesn't feel like a surface flexor or muscle issue at all.  But stretch I will.  Maybe it is the simple things...

As for sitting all day, I explained to the doc that I have been sitting at a desk all day for my job for a year now, and that this year has brought me all sorts of body problems.  Notably, the most persistent running injury I have had in my 15+ years of running.  Coincidence? The doc and I agreed on this one.  Not a coincidence.  Sitting all day is terrible for my back and hips and the whole shebang.

Sitting.  (I take these pictures to send hello's to the Gentleman during the day)


Solutions offered:
  • Ask for a desk that can be raised so I can stand and work.  
    • Problem: I work at a smaller firm.  Not exactly the kind of place where I can head to the HR department, show them my doctors note, and ask for a treadmill desk.
  • Print documents and review them while standing.
    • Problem:  poooooor trees :(
  • Get up every 20 minutes
    •  Problem: if I am in the zone on a project, 3 hours can go buy before I blink an eye.  There is no way I would remember to do this, and it would be terribly disruptive.  
Yes please
    After this appointment, I am frustrated that no real progress was made.  I am following my stretching prescription, twice a day, and I have tried to stand more at work.  But these things aren't going to make a dent in my body for the half marathon in 10 days.

    Solutions for standing more with a desk job? If you have a desk job, has it affected your running?  How do you counteract it? Maybe I do need to pursue my dream of being a mailman...walking neighborhoods all day....

    **Bachelor Note:  I still adore Courtney.  Can you DIG it yet?  She is captivating.  And I liked Ben for the first time during the After the Final Rose thing.  He is way cooler when he talk to dudes (Chris Harrison) than when is having a heart to heart with some desperate chic.  

    They both looked fantastic.  That white dress! I totally dig Ben now too, no joke.

    Where was Linzi though? I noticed she cried the least of any of the girls he "dumped" along the way.... I'm not sure what is floating around in her head, but if you think you are about to be proposed to but instead are dumped, on TV, in Switzerland, that seems terribly devastating.  Guess she was never into Ben that much..