The Most Relevant Things

I'm kind of at a loss for blog talk right now.  I guess I could talk about relevant things, like the one-year anniversary of the Japan earthquake/tsunami, or Kony, or sky-high gas prices. 

Or maybe how excited we all are for the Hunger Games movie release, how Chris Brown is still going to hell and nobody should buy his records no matter how appealing his music, or how Lindsay Lohan looks like she is 62.

I'm 25

I'm 58

I could talk about Super Tuesday, or the Bachelor finale that has been spoiled to death, or how much green beer I'm planning on drinking next Saturday. 

Maybe I could talk about how embarrassed I am for Angie's bony white right leg, or Jessica Simpson's eternal pregnancy (14 months now, right?) or my adorable 8 month old niece. 

I could talk about how I cut my hair again and went for more low-lights, how I've run 845 miles so far this year, or the rad compression heart socks I got with some other bay area running studs (intended hopefully for the Oakland half marathon).

new hair.  I can't explain the black bears.

I'm not buying that this model is a real runner with those delicate legs

But instead, all I really have to say.  Is that Nicolas Cage continues to impress me with his body of work.  Please devour the 30 second clip below.