Treadmill Cheater

I'm so mad right now because the Gentleman convinced me to watch Game of Thrones with him, and within 8 minutes, you see about 18 people get killed violently and 092384 dead bodies, and I am the kind of person who CANNOT see that and then fall asleep that night.  I have such a hyperactive imagination. I used to dread Sundays when I was a tween, because X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries were on, and my family would watch, and then I would be too afraid to walk down the long hallway in our home to the bathroom by myself.

I have no idea what Game of Thrones is about, but hopefully this is a good representation of it

The Gentleman promised it was "just like the Lord of the Rings movies," so I was in.  So not in.  I quit watching and I'm blogging instead!

Week one of my prescription (stretching and standing more at work) has gone really well.  Mostly because of this wonderful news: our firm settled a big case that we were preparing for trial, and with the snap of a finger we are exponentially less busy.  During a week of gentle deadlines and one mediation (which means lots of downtime), I was easily able to stand a lot. Whenever someone came to talk to me in my office, I would try to stand, probably weirding people out.  I like the idea of using my ipad, but I usually need to type so a tall desk situation is still necessary. I also like the idea of a music stand.  Seems inexpensive.

I will have much more free time than I'm used to for at least the next week. When I hear "free time," I think "I can get some delicious long runs in!" This is especially true since the Gentleman will be very busy at work and not able to keep me company.  But, the timing is odd.  I should take it a little easy the next 8 days so I can feel fresh next Sunday at the Oakland half marathon.  I am, unwisely, likely to run a lot anyway.  I'm not hoping for anything in particular out of the race, so all will be fine whether I feel great or like crap on race day.

Other than runs, I hope the rain stops so I can enjoy some of these extra daylight hours in the beautiful bay area.  Like picnicking at the "Kite Park" in Berkeley (don't know the real name), which we did on a recent warm weekend.

I don't know why I am always willing to be in a picture while chewing food.  Just say "no"

I brought a kite.  My hair.

This heart one was rad, and huge, even if it sometimes looked like a sperm.


Today was 20 sweaty, sweaty miles at the gym to avoid the rain.  So sweaty that at mile 16, I had to take my wet and heavy shirt off and was "that girl" at the gym in her sports bra.  I hope everyone enjoyed the show, white Irish skin and all.

I have gotten more and more comfortable with the 6:50-ish pace on the treadmill, so I wanted to see if I could keep that pace up for a long run.  I could, but I will qualify that in a second.  The run:

20 miles, 2:18:17 (two hours eighteen minutes), average mile pace of 6:55.
First 65 minutes at 1.0 incline, second hour at 0.5 incline, last 15 minutes at 0.0 incline.
I spend the 20 miles going up and down between 8.4 mph and 9.0 mph.

The qualifier: I stepped off to stand on the sides of the treadmill every 10-15 minutes for a chug of water or to stretch my hips.  Each time I stepped off, the treadmill carried on for 15-30 seconds.  Add all these up, and I think I really ran something like 19.3 miles in 2:13:00.  Keeping myself in check.

Can you handle, and do you enjoy, violent movies?  I haven't watched a single Quentin Tarantino film because I am terrified of the gore I have heard accompanies his films. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds are reputed to be great movies, but I just can't do it. 
*oh wait.  I just saw some boobs on Game of Thrones so I watched for about 2 minutes.  Then the boobs went away so I stopped.  Violence: bad.  Female Nudity: nice.

Do you ever cheat on the treadmill by taking drink or stretch breaks while the mill keeps churning? 

What would you do with some unexpected free time?  I'm going to take care of my car, make a dentist appointment, visit my niece, run a lot, stretch a lot, and hopefully someone wants to hang out with me.