Why Courtney the Model Rocks

Meet your newest FitFluential Ambassador!!!

At your service

Just kidding.  Just.  Kidding.

I will not be ambassadoring. While there were some very compelling arguments for doing it -- namely,  there may be opportunities for free Disneyworld trips or free race entries, and there is the appeal of being an ambassador but doing it MY way (no tweeting, no #fitfluential, no diet talk, no endorsement of products that are bulljive).  Ultimately, I don't think either of these reasons are compelling enough for the time being.  Maybe down the road, after I learn what a hashtag is or something.

Now, the rest of this post, is what we in the blog industry call a "filler post".

Dolly and I were talking via the internets about my recent post about Oprah's cover-girl techniques for her "O" magazine.  Dolly pointed out, wisely, that it was more or less a filler post. 

This made me realize something.  There are really only a few kinds of posts on this blog--and at least a couple of those kinds are probably a big old waste of your time.  The kinds of posts are:

1) Posts about a race.  I rank these high -- probably the best kind of post.  Maybe these bore you to tears, but races are special and exciting and memorable, and I love regurgitating (ew) my race thoughts onto the blog.

2) Posts about a specific viewpoint that I have on a specific topic.  These posts generate some interest, because everyone has their own viewpoint, and the awesome little comment bubble down there gets some use.

3) Posts recapping non-running shit I did.  Usually shit I did over the weekend.  Even though I like sharing bits and pieces of my everyday life, I think this bores a lot of you.  You can only handle so many posts from girls showing what they did on Superbowl Sunday.  We can identify this as a filler post.

4) Posts about something random and only marginally interesting.  In this category goes "random facts about me!" and "Oprah hides her tummy on magazine covers".  Fillerrrrr

5) Posts about the Bachelor/ette.  This will be partially be one of those posts.  Starting now.


My sweet Montana butterfly (below) and I have been spending some quality time gossiping about something very important.

Breaking the rules Junior year.  I am officially entertaining the idea of wearing this to my 10-year reunion this summer.

The Gossip: we love Courtney The Model. Not just any model: THE model.


Speaking of FitFluentials...

How do we love her?  Let me count the ways...
  1. She's gorgeous.  She hardly wears any makeup, wears these minimalist flowy dresses, and just kills it.  Breathtaking.
  2. She has the rationale to say what any girl with a solid head on her shoulders should know two weeks after meeting a man: that if it doesn't work out with that man, it is not the end of the world.  There are other fish in the sea.  This statement is a fact, not a reason to hate a fellow Bachelor contestant.
  3. She skinny-dipped.  First person to think outside the box on this show in a long time.  Can you believe that all you have to do to spend more time with the Bachelor is sneak out? It seems brilliant. Also, these girls signed up for the show knowing the Bachelor would be making out with 24 other girls, it's really not a big leap for him to go in the Ocean naked with another girl.
  4. She's not afraid of tarantulas.  Much more of a woman than I am.
  5. She's weird.  She really is.  I love it.
  6. Despite her beauty, she is willing to date someone way below her league.  
Now we know he actually has a forehead...


Even when I'm not feeling fantastic, I still love each and every run.  Lately, my runs have been off.  I'm feeling lethargic.  It may be psychological.  Work has been stressful, so my brain is tired and tricking my body into feeling tired.  The other possibility is iron -- I still don't eat much meat, and spinach/black beans have made few appearances in my diet lately.  Mental note to pick up the iron intake.

Speaking of diet, I've been having this totally new issue lately, where after I eat any vegetables (especially raw carrots), I get super nauseated afterwards.  I think I'm going to lose my lunch, as they say, but the veggies stay put.  Fine, body, I'll eat more candy instead.  Fine.  [Just realizing...maybe the lack of veggies in my diet is why I'm feeling lethargic.  Hm.]


I had the pleasure of participating in a new-to-me aspect of trial prep over the weekend.  I learned so much.  I wish I could be more candid about my work on the blog...there is so much I want to share about my learning curve as a (somewhat) new lawyer.  This week marks my one-year anniversary as an attorney at my firm.  [I graduated law school and passed the Bar exam in 2010].  I can't believe how much more I know about practicing law than I did after three years of law school.  Fact: you learn jack about practicing law during law school -- you learn the law, but for me it was all too abstract to understand how it is applied in practice.

Glamorous at work

I'm bracing myself hard for the longer and longer hours that have been foreshadowed by a fast approaching trial date.  It's strange -- I've been working on this case for more than 6 months, but suddenly here we are and I feel like only 20% of the work has been done.

Any other Courtney lovers??  Any other Lawyers?? Anyone like filler posts??