A Derivative Post

I spent some time weeding through my Google Reader, adding new blogs I found (mostly through commenters -- make me find your blog, I don't work hard to find any otherwise!) and deleting ones that were building up unread posts.  You know it's time to lose a blog you subscribe to when there are 11+ posts you haven't read, and you continue to skip past thinking "maybe later".

While I'm talking about other blogs, I want to do something that I don't usually do, which is link to another blog with the sole purpose of saying "you should read this."

So.  You should read this.  A blog post titled "Why You Won't See Me Pimping Chocolate Milk."

I think its healthy to meet heavy marketing campaigns with a suspicious eye.  Why is a product being pushed so hard?  Is it possible that it's because it is a wondrous product and the company wants to share the joy by getting the word out? eehhhhh.  small small maybe.  Is it because people want your money and they want it at any cost? medium-large definitely.

Speaking of advertising, can someone explain this billboard to me!?? I have spotted them all over the bay area, and I'm just dumbfounded. 

In the world of milk, there is a lot of believers and a lot of abstainers.  Many people benefit greatly from cutting it from their diet -- from clearer skin, to the disappearance of stomach issues, to preventing kidney stones, to ________ (fill in the blank for me smart people). 

Obviously, the same arguments apply to Chocolate milk -- except there, you get the extra fun "anti" arguers who can point to the added sugar.

I'm not going to steal XLMIC's thunder by sharing my thoughts on the topic, or in other words, I don't have any smart thoughts on the topic.  But I loved that she threw out a novel conversation with a LOT of authority to back herself up.  And it's an IMPORTANT topic, because chocolate milk is extremely prevalent in this runner and blogger world.  In fact, I got to run an awesome race for free by winning a giveaway sponsored by Chocolate Milk, and dang it if I didn't LOVE the refuel with chocolate milk campaign that day for hooking me up with the race and gear.

I also stuff my face with dairy all the time.  While I have never been a milk drinker (always disliked it, probably because my mom bought skim as a kid), I do attack the other good sources daily (cheese, subcategory of cream cheese, yogurt, ice cream).

So that's important.  What else.

After last Sunday's half marathon, a day during which I had no hip pain (or "buttcrease" pain, as I learned is the more accurate term by inspirunning), I went back to running as normal, hopeful that the pain was gone for good with my new schedule of foam rolling and stretching.

Seems like I may have imagined that everything felt good that day....because my next run on Tuesday felt like buttcrease pain as usual.

I wasn't very good about stretching regularly in the days after the race, most likely because I was no longer in "FIX IT, I HAVE A RACE SOON" mode.  That's the only real difference I can think of.  And I no longer have racing adrenaline to hide the pain.

Since then, I have tried to gather some sort of normal regimen consisting of: stretching (hip flexors and hamstrings), foam/stick rolling (buttcrease, hamstrings, side of butt/hip), strengthening (one-legged squats, bridges, fire-hydrant moves), and taking days off.  The emerging pattern goes something like this.

Run and buttcrease feels fine until the last mile or two; buttcrease feels stiff all day, so take day the next day off; buttcrease then feels 100% great; Run and buttcrease feels fine until the last mile or two. 

And here's a list of my running, to look at or not look at:

Sunday: Oakland half marathon
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 12
Wednesday: 18 (guess I felt ok after Tuesday)
Thursday: 0
Friday: 17
Saturday: 0
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 14

I have a question.  I have been reading so many runner blogs lately where the author is suffering through a hip issue.  I don't remember this being the case 6 months ago, or a year ago, or 2 years ago (when I was blog reading, but not writing).  What is going on? IS THE GOVERNMENT PUTTING HIP KILLERS IN OUR WATER?  I smell a conspiracy.

Not really, of course, but I don't like that runners are getting the reputation of being injured.  It sucks.  It gives people like my dad a valid point when he tells me to quit running.

So my question is, are you battling a hip injury right now, or recovered from one?  If yes, share your tips for all of us.  Does stretching help? Massage? Acupuncture? Foam rolling? Icing/Heating? Elliptical/ARC training? Strength exercises? Herbs?

The commenter, Abby, who shared Inspirunning's buttcrease issue with me, and this article, thank you.  These sound more like the issue I currently have than anything else I have read about.  I feel like I am making headway with the wealth of information and trial-and-error that are within those sources.

Besides not blogging, the Gentleman and I have been up to this.

You think you know, but you have no idea.  I know which ones are my fave...the long turd on the right was amazing, and the white ball on the bottom was a white-chocolate dream

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This is what it would be like if I got mad and turned you into a fly, and then got happy