Micah True, and GU for you

I can't believe that the running-blog community hasn't already been swarmed with posts on this news story, and I can't believe I forgot to write anything about it too.  Maybe this already has been discussed to death and I am just behind on my blog reading?

Caballo Blanco, aka Micah True, passed away.  While out on one of his character-defining runs.  :( frowny face to the 12th power.

I go through phases where I care about reading the news, and then I won't check the news for 2 weeks and suddenly learn there is an uprising in Egypt.  Last week was one such week when I forgot to check for the 5th day in a row, and an attorney bounced into my office to ask if I had heard about Caballo Blanco.  (I LOVE that most of the people in my office know that they can dork out about running with me, as they all have a little bit of a runner in them.  One ran a marathon xx years ago, one does Bay-to-Breakers, one is a soccer coach, etc...).  

I was shocked.  I have 8 pages or so left in Born to Run (it's called savoring....I don't need 1.5 years to read a book normally) and it feels like the book will now forever be frozen in time.  It is destined to be incomplete for me, because this central non-fiction character, a character who was painted as, more than any other word, ALIVE, lost his life while doing the thing he is iconic for. 

Curious to learn what happened.  Although bad things can and do happen while someone is running on city streets alone (which I do regularly), I never runs trails by myself.  It sucks, because it seems very romantic and rewarding to run in silence with only the sound of your footsteps and breath out in the wilderness, but I can get lost just as easy as anyone.   Realizing you are really lost while hiking, which has happened to the Gentleman and me, is a sickening and frantic feeling.  Can't imagine how much worse it would be on your own.

One of the hikes, in Sedona, where we got a few hours off-course.



Bloggers on vacation is usually one of the most boring things that can happen.  I don't know why that is, you'd think it would be fun to live vicariously through them, but it is usually just a lot of pictures of scenery and food. 

Well I'm due for a vacation.  My last one was in June of last year, when I went to Yellowstone and Montana for a wedding (each link is to one of my vaycay recaps).  Two pictures from the wedding that I adore but never shared:

Being the national park junkies that we are, we are planning to go to Zion national park and Bryce Canyon.  Maybe top it off with a little Las Vegas.

Questions, because there is so much goddamn stuff to dig through on the internet that I am becoming overwhelmed: 
A) Any recommendations for places to stay near either Park?
B) Any must-see hiking trails or other attractions nearby?  How many days-worth of activity could I spend at each place?
C) Is Las Vegas the best airport to fly into?

Alternatively, we could book a flight to New York City.  the Gentleman has never that trip is somewhere on the horizon.


Today, it was beautiful out and my weekend companion was at work (he is in the tax field) so that could only mean a leisurely long run. 

18 pretty comfortable miles done (except for the uncomfortable stuff discussed below), and you know we are inching towards summer when my visor comes out for runs and becomes stained white from sweat and sunscreen.

Embarrassing.  I wash it every 4-6 runs.  There is a white Nike swoosh under those salt crystals.

Since our food stock tends to disappear by Saturday morning (I usually grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday), I had only bad-for-running sources of food to eat before the run--an apple, string cheese, a can of chili, Trader Joe's Indian Food.  Pre-run I prefer to eat a banana and some flour-based thing like pretzels, wheat thins, a cookie, or sugar-based like jelly beans.   I took this opportunity to reach into my new bowl of neverending GU that I hoarded on Thursday.

I had a Chocolate Raspberry "2X caffeine", and took a peanut butter "no caffeine" for the road.

I guess I can only handle 1X caffeine, since I have used them before races with no problem.  2X boy.  Let me put it this way.  I ended up crouched in some bushes about 10 yards away from a beautiful wedding.  Horrifying.

My disgusting loss is your gain, if you can handle caffeine.  Please, somebody, take these from me.

8 double-caffeinated Roctane Gus

Chocolate Raspberry and Blueberry Pomegranate
To make it worth my trip to the post office, I'll try and throw in a peanut butter GU and some other sport-related treat in there. 

To enter, pick a number between 0.00001 and 0.01.   Is that too annoying?  Fine.  To enter, just comment, and if you are commenting on some other discussion and do NOT want a caffeine-induced diarrhea run, then just say "no diarrhea please" or something to that affect.  The victor will be chosen at random by next Friday.