Pet Sadness and Fast Miles

We all love animals, right?  I bet 98% of people, if not more, have loved a pet in their lives.  And the hardest, hardest, hardest part about the pets we fall in love with is when we have to live through a pet getting hurt or suffering.  And then they go die. 

I dream of the day I own my first dog with the Gentleman, and then the day when we get our second and maybe third dog, because I want a big, medium, and small.  And they will be best friends, and then the dogs will eventually end up looking like us.

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This has been on my mind because I woke up to the most horrifying news about my older sister's greyhound, Deja (pronounced like "Deja vu").  She and her husband already lost a greyhound to a slow and expensive cancer death a couple years ago.  Deja has been in their lives for at least 5 years. 

Deja and sister

She is alive and on track to be ok, but what happened is pretty disturbing.  So please fair warning, do not highlight the text below unless you want an image in your mind that is hard to erase.

Deja was playing with my sister's other dog, and somehow her skin got caught on some sort of water-sprinkler type apparatus.  As she pulled away, her skin went with it.  She skinned off a very large portion of herself, exposing muscle all the way through.  Her skin was flapping off like a cape.   She underwent a 3-hour surgery to stitch the skin back on, and things look ok.  Have you ever heard of such a freak accident?  I wonder if greyhounds have unusual skin.

I really don't even know why I'm sharing this.  But it has been on my mind all day, and I have literally been cringing and grimacing all day.  I cannot handle thinking about this dog in so much pain.  Which reminds me why I went vegetarian for a long period of time a while back...I'm a big old baby about this stuff.  I can only eat meat when I really detach myself from the actual source of the product, which is pretty easy sometimes when it tastes so familiar.  I've been eating it for 28-minus-2 years!

This reminded me of the last time that a pet sadness knocked me off my feet for a while.  My family lost our chihuahua, Cha-Chi, who we had since I was 12 until 25, in a terrible way.  A neighbor's big jerk dog (a mastiff I think) came over to our property, jumped over the short fence (which was all that was needed for a chihuahua), and killed her.  Just shook her and broke her neck.  That dog needs some serious anger management if this was all over Cha-Chi's annoying yips.  Our other chihuahua, Paco, survived a deer attack shortly after.  Nature is mean to chihuahuas!

Cha-Chi, below, in a cute lil cast.  She had a heart-shaped spot!

Anyway.  Thanks for letting me get that out.  I spend a lot of time daydreaming about what kind of dog I will get one day, and this stuff makes me wonder if I am brave enough to handle the hard parts.

Hot dang.  Track workouts get better and better!

I can feel my legs getting happier with the speed each time I show up at the track.

This morning, the Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders had a "tempo" pace workout scheduled: 3 one-miles at tempo pace, with a one lap recovery.  I was told tempo pace should be somewhere around 15 seconds faster than half-marathon pace.   My last half-marathon was a 6:32 pace, so I figured I would aim for 6:15-6:20 pace.

I think the workout is meant to help you work on your tempo pace, and not be a wild maniac who just sprints from the gates.  But I'm new to this track stuff, and I seem to only have "one speed" at the moment, so I ran as my legs told me to and they were totally not into a 6:15-6:20 pace.

Mile 1:  6:03
Mile 2:  5:58
Mile 3:  5:59
Mile 4:  5:57
Mile 5:  6:06
400m:   82 seconds

I don't think I've ever seen a sub-6:00 mile before on my Garmin? I did 5 repeats instead instead of 3, because I didn't feel done after number 3.  I was having a great time, and was feeling good, and it was a really beautiful morning. 

After the 4th mile, I recovered for somewhere between 2-and-3 laps (I was fiddling with my Garmin) which kind of screwed me over for the 5th mile.  I felt "cooled down" at that point, and it was hard to rev back up.  I don't like ending on the slowest note.

So, mad about that, I did one last 400m run to burn out my energy.  Then I was toast, and I jogged home.

No hip/buttcrease pain during the track workout (I'm beginning to think running fast actually feels better on it than slow) but when I got home tonight, the Gentleman wanted to run one lap around the lake (it was SO NICE OUT) and then it was really not feeling good.  Very temperamental.  The standing all day thing seems to be helping keep my hamstring/buttcrease loose, whereas it usually feels stiff on days I run and then sit.

My current situation.  A few adaptations from the last picture. And I wear flats to work, not heels! Only heels on special occasions, like a court appearance.

I also tried to photograph my purty headband at work

Are you sick and tired of reading about my track workouts? Because I don't think this is the last of it.

Have you lost a pet you loved? Any freak accidents? How do you handle the saaaaadddd?