And I Ran

A couple possibly noteworthy runs took place this week, so lets review.

Tuesday: I headed to the nearby high school track in the morning with the plan of repeating the 10x400m track workout I ran oh, 3-4 weeks ago as my first ever adult track workout. I wanted: a) to run faster laps than the first time I did the workout, and b) to do 11-12 repeats instead of 10.  No idea why, I just always want to one-up my old self.  Suck it, old self!

I accomplished both "a" and "b".  I ran the repeats faster, and I did 11 of them.  But somehow, I felt way better (mentally) when I left that first 10x400 workout.  This day, I felt disappointed for some reason.  I can't quite pinpoint why.  Maybe it's because it didn't feel easy, and I remembered loving it the first time.  Maybe it's because I felt like a wimp for taking a break in between repeats 6 and 7 to get some water, defeating the whole lactic threshold buildup point of these workouts.

So I wasn't stoked, but I do think its good that there is some indication of improvement.  I think it would be great to eventually be able to do the whole set at a 78-81 second clips.

To spell it out, I did 11 laps around the track, with a half-lap jog recovery in between each, except for that longer water-break recovery between laps # 6 and 7, and I more or less walked the recovery of the last two instead of jogged them.  For reference, an 82 second lap is a 5:28 mile pace.

84; 83; 82; 82; 82; 81; 82; 82; 81; 83; 82.

Pretty consistent.  For what its worth, most of these were clocked as 0.26 mile instead of 0.25 (I just click "lap" on my Garmin when I start and when I finish a lap, and I am not a perfect clicker).   Next time I'll figure out how to use the "workout" mode so that it clocks a split of 400m/0.25 mile on its own.

Wednesday: the Gentleman wanted to go to the gym this morning, so I used this as an excuse to get in a treadmill run--something I never do unless the weather is bad.  Treadmill runs always make my head trip over numbers, so I pump it up much faster than I would on a normal run -- which is why tempo runs would never happen for me without the treadmill. 

I started at 7.5 mph (8:00 minute mile), 1.0 incline, and pumped the speed up one notch every two minutes until I was at 9.5 mph (6:18 ish?) around the 40-something minute mark.  Then I hung out there for 6 minutes, and started declining the speed one notch every three-four minutes. 

Total: 13.1 miles in 1:29:47 (I was aiming for a 90 minute run anyway, so when it hit 13.1 I couldn't help but stop at that perfect number).

This run wasn't easy, nor super encouraging.  My leg locked up at some point near the end (this seems to only happen during fast treadmill workouts, and during....a marathon). 

Thursday:  physical therapy appointment.  In sum, I will incorporate into my "fix this hip/buttcrease" routine: dead-lifts (Britt, I think you told me this a long time ago....sorry for not obliging) and a kettleball class recommended by the PT.  I need to BALANCE on each leg more because my one-leg balance skills are truly pathetic.  As wobbly as a bottle of ketchup (<-- this is a metaphor I used in 5th grade, and my teacher wrote in red ink that it made no sense.  Well, teacher, try and stop me now.) 

In other buttcrease news, standing at work continues to seemingly help the issue.

Sitting.  Mildly happy.

Standing!! So much more happy!

That was just an excuse to use up some cell phone pictures that were wasting away in my phone.  But it makes a true point--despite the fact that I have, literally, been nicknamed "she who stands a lot" at work, I have noticed a 15% improvement in my running buttcrease pain.  I have 85% to go.  Deadlifts, here I come!