Come into My Kitchen

This isn't the Runners Kitchen, but it is a runners kitchen, because I use it, and the Gentleman uses it, and we both run.

Every now and then when I am going through a period of lethargy that effects my running, hiking, and general energy levels, I accuse my iron levels.  I think this is usually a fair accusation, because it typically then only takes a week of taking a multi-vitamin with iron or other iron supplement (with painful side effects -- either nausea, stomach cramps, or performance of my usually excellent bowel system) until I feel like I am back on top of the world.

Because of these side effects for iron supplements, I try and get my iron from food.  I also try and get my deliciousness on with food.  For these two reasons, lets check out my kitchen and see what interesting finds I have enjoyed recently.

This is my kitchen.  Our fridge is a shrine to photo-booth pictures, and to magnet words.  It's one of my favorite places to zone out and stare.  Shall we zoom in?

Cartoon us, photobooths, SNL highlights

More of the exact same

We never turn down a photobooth opportunity

If you haven't noticed yet, he is way better at these than I am

These are, no joke, so ingrained in our brains that we quote them regularly.  The most quoted one begins with "I see a problem!"

And this is my favorite poster, in our kitchen, which guests never notice (or comment on).  I'm always surprised because I would be staring at it and picking my top five!

Ok, now that you've had the tour.  What's cookin'?

Elderberry.  Let's talk about this stuff.  We read that, like zinc, elderberry can help prevent and/or reduce the length of time of a cold.  Since zinc tastes like....metal mixed with sewer, we have been downing little sips of the syrup.  It is sweet, sour, and delicious.  Sometimes we throw it in smoothies.  It isn't cheap, but a $20 bottle lasts us a good month (it recommends you take a TON when you are sick--we just have a teaspoon or two per day).

I haven't been sick in a hella long time.  Even when it goes through the entire office, I haven't caught the bugs.  Knock on wood.

I'm not going to give you the pleasure of linking to some fabulous study, but if you google elderberry (aka Sambucus) you will find a plethora of information on its historical medicinal use.

Ethiopian Injera
Oh how I love injera.  My neighborhood has a small Ethiopian population, so we have a great Ethiopian restaurant, and our corner market is owned by Ethiopians.  They stock fresh injera, and every now and then I pop in and purchase a bag.

It is made of a grain called teff, and because it is fermented first, the bread tastes sour/yeasty like sourdough bread.  It is light and soft, and I eat it as it traditionally is eaten--as a vehicle to scoop up other food, mostly cooked vegetables.

This stuff will make you crazy full.  I'm not sure about this, but I think it must expand in your stomach. 

The taste is what got me, but the nutritionals are pretty outstanding as well.  It is high in fiber, protein, and iron (!), and is noted here as being an easily digestible form of iron that is good for "elite athletes."  I'm sold.

Banana Creme Muscle Milk protein powder
At the Tough Tilden Ten, I scooped up a few free Muscle Milk drinks that were being given out afterwards.  The Gentleman and I were both shocked to learn that we LOVED the banana flavor.

I have been on the hunt for a good new protein powder (I can't explain why, but I get sick of them very fast....even if at first I like them).  Right now I am digging this powder.  Mix it with anything, even just plain almond milk, and its tasty.  I don't look at the stats too closely when choosing a powder, but it has a decent amount of protein (I think it is 16g protein/160 calories one scoop, 32g/320 calories two scoops). 

Caramel Apple filled Werther's Original candies

Not a whole lot to say about these, except I have been wanting to try them for a long time, and I finally bought them at Target last weekend.  They're pretty fantastic.  If you like eating things like tootsie roll pops but cannot wait to get to the chewy middle, you will adore these--you get to the chewy delicious center way fast.  It is more like a chew, with a thin shell of maple around it.

Kraft cracked black pepper string cheese
I love pepper.  I LOVE pepper.  I douse it on eggs, so much, no millimeter uncovered.  So I was pretty stoked to find these.  Are they life changing? Nah.  But the pieces of pepper are fresh and big and I do think this is a pretty creative and tasty treat.  However, the Gentleman refused to finish one and I had to take over, so I guess it's not for everyone. 

*check it out: none of this is meant to be advice about food for running.  That would be annoying and false if I thought I was qualified to tell you anything about how to fuel for your life.  This is just a peek in my kitchen.


If you haven't already checked out the video that XLMIC and I submitted for the Oiselle contest (free flight/lodging/tickets to cheer at the Olympic track trials in Eugene, Oregon) then check it out below if you so desire.  XLMIC did a kick-ass job of editing this; I merely approved her brilliant ideas.


No voting is necessary, but thank you to those of you who offered!

I independently discovered Oiselle's distance running shorts, and talked about my love for them here and here.  I have them in three colors, and have worn them during every race since discovering them.  This is truly one brand I am not embarrassed to pursue.  (And sorry to alienate you men...the brand only makes womens clothing.  This shall make up for those decades during which sports bras didn't exist, you jerks).