I am interrupting my series of posts in which I force you to read about my vacation to present the following pressing thoughts.

1) I signed up for See Jane Run half marathon.

In case anyone needed proof that I am a hypocrite (breaking news: everybody is a hypocrite, it's called "changing your mind", it only looks extra bad on bloggers whose words on frozen on the internet for time immemorial).  I signed up for the race that last year, troubled me so much, I swore I would never run a race organized by See Jane Run again.

And here I am signed up for the same race.  It is in four weeks.

I have my expectations in check (the last 2 miles WILL be a shit show of strollers and walkers linking arms across a narrow sidewalk).  It will all be worth it if I can place in the top 3 again and get a $100 pair of shoes in return.

My plan for the next 4 weeks: one track session per week, maybe 2 "tempo" runs before race day, take a few days off before the race so my buttcrease feels ok, and aim for under 1:26.  6:30 pace sounds good to me.

2) I am planning on swimming from Alcatraz to the shore.

My boss convinced me to do this.  It is a 1.5 mile swim, in open choppy freezing cold San Francisco water.  I have never been a swimmer...I expect it will be humbling to be in the back of the pack. The swim is followed by a 7 mile run, during which I plan to catch all those fast swimmers who left me doggy paddling behind.  This plan fails if my non-swimmer legs are jello after 1.5 miles of swimming.

Why am I doing this?  This is one of those things that will be fun to say I have done, and that will make me exhilarated with fear, so I'd love to give it a try.  I convinced the Gentleman to do it with me (also not a swimmer).  

Seriously, what am I getting myself into?  How long should 1.5 miles of swimming take me....1 hour?

3) Hiking is bad for running.

I haven't had a good run since returning from vacation.  I think all the hiking made my legs heavy and made my brain bored with running longer distances.  Whenever I hit the 13 mile mark lately, I feel TOAST.  I use to live for those runs in between 18 and 22 miles.  We'll see if I get my mojo back.

In the meantime, noting that hiking has deteriorated my running skills, I went hiking on Saturday.  Wunderlich park, San Mateo County, about 11 miles.  While always nice to be outside and moving, I was secretly sad the whole time that the hike looked like Northern California and not like this part of Utah.

4) Nuun.  You're fired.

Someone set me straight: did Nuun select any runners with blogs that have small followings?  I read that this girl, who is fast, hot, and who submitted (IMO) a clever video, didn't get picked for the popular Nuun Hood to Coast relay team[s].   It made me sad that she didn't blame Nuun for not selecting her since her blog is newer and has yet to reach a large number of readers.

If Nuun just wants popular bloggers, why make them submit a video at all?  Why not just submit a freeze-frame of their stats page?  It is disingenuous to portray it as though the videos matter at all, if this is the case that smaller blogs don't make the cut.  I'm not going to weed through the 36+ bloggers to see how big their readership is, so if this isn't true and Nuun gives an equal chance to all bloggers, enlighten me.  

While I'm on the topic, and while I'm burning yet another bridge of blog support/sponsorship, if bloggers want to run Hood to Coast so bad, why not join forces and seek out a new sponsor? Nuun is not the end all be all.  Start organizing now for next year.  Call up Bic Bands (sp?) or Running Skirts.  I will have so much respect if someone makes that happen.

Most of all, Nuun is fired because holy crap their PR campaign by infiltrating the blog world via a popular relay WORKS SO WELL.  I read about Nuun ev-er-y-where.  Everywhere.  I have never seen it in a store, never put it in my mouth, but the word is ringing in my ears.  

5) Guy Fieri stole my joke

The other week I made a joke on facebook.  I wrote, "little known fact: Guy Fieri and the lead singer from Smashmouth are the same person."

This sprouted from some everyday making-fun-of-people conversation, in which the Gentleman and I noticed they are on equal standing in the hierarchy of annoying white dudes with sunburns and spiky hair.

Then on Friday, the Gentleman spotted on Food Network, none other than Guy Fieri and the lead singer from Smashmouth sitting at a diner.  Guy Fieri called Mr. Smashmouth "my brother from another mother."  Guy Fieri is reading my Facebook posts, and wanted to correct that in fact they are not the same person.  Just  brothers.

They even did some egg eating contest together?  Source.

6) The Avengers is so good

So funny, and I have the major hots for Loki.  Always rooting for the villain...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks he is hotter than Thor/Captain America/Iron Man combined.  P.S. I did not realize this was a "moving picture" when I copied it from the internet.  Yeah, I don't know what moving pictures are called.  I'm OLD.