Running Stuff and the Bachelorette

As expected, my weak feet which are accustomed to years and years of running in highly cushioned shoes, took a shock from running 10 difficult miles in the minimal Nike Free's.  The inner arch of my left foot is sore, but in a good muscle-growing way rather than a plantar fascia way.

These bloggers both found me through the Tilden Tough Ten recap, and both have their own TTT recaps to share.  Glad to find them, as I'm always down to meet new bay area runners.

Dear race photographers: head on shots are NEVER good.  I don't care if it makes it harder to see my bib number, if you want runners to buy your pictures, take them from other angles.

from Evan Pilchik photography

oopsie on the screen shot

No speed work this week, as I count down about 10 days until my next half marathon.  The best I could manage with semi-sore legs from all the hills on Sunday was 7 miles of fartleks this morning (something like 1 minute effort, 1 minute recovery).   This fartlek run never hits me nearly as hard as a track workout.  Which is why I often choose to do it instead of going to the track.

Speaking of, ever since I started incorporating track workouts into my running routine (an average of once per week for the last 5-ish weeks), my distance running has suffered.  I haven't had the energy to run farther than 15 miles in a few weeks.  Cramping my style.

In other running news, the Gentleman has been on this new kick lately where he wants to exercise every morning with me.  It's....awesome.  I used to drag him out of bed 2-3 times per week, partially just because it was good for my morale for him to go to bed and wake up at the same time as me.  He typically runs the first 3.2 miles of my run (one shorter lap around the lake), but he also got a gym membership to my hot fart gym (no other name is more accurate...there are no gold things at Gold's Gym) so if I hit the treadmill or take it easy on the elliptical, he hits the elliptical too.  We get on machines next to each other and make out.  I mean share a sweat towel.

He doesn't run very fast (unless we sprint....then he kicks my butt) and he doesn't run very far, so you'd think this wouldn't fit into my routine....but I don't give.  I'd much rather sweat easy with him, talking nonsense about what dreams we had right after waking up, than follow some scheduled run.  I love his new addiction!

The Bachelorette

OF course I'm watching, silly.  I just haven't gotten around to gossiping about it until now.

My thoughts so far, in bullet form:
  • Emily gets told she is beautiful/gorgeous/stunning LITERALLY hundreds of times a day.  She kind of says "aww thank yeww" in her precious southern drawl, but really I don't even think it phases her.  Not even a little.  What is going on in her head?  Is she like "yeah, I know I'm the most perfect specimen ever, let's move this along," or is she like "this makes me uncomfortable and it's annoying that all anyone talks about is my beauty when what I want to be talking about is Ricki. Ricki Ricki Ricki, hi pretty girl!" or is she like "I'm having a fat day here in my size zero gown, I'm so glad everyone is telling me how beautiful I am."  Which one, guys?
oh Emily, you take all the boys' breath away

  • Kalon.  Or chopper guy.  Not to dive in so early in the game rooting for the villain, but hold the effing noose, bachelors! I'm not cool with how mean everyone is to Kalen.  Who cares if he is the 1%, you aren't allowed to hate someone just because they act rich.  Be jealous or annoyed, but stop the bullying.  (that said, he does have the face of a dickwad.  It makes him an easy villain).
Kalon, $50,000 watch

  • Jef.  What is up with Jef.  Why is he so familiar to me?  Haven't I seen him on MTV somewhere? Like in the early 2000's, on a "Next" episode?
Jef.  How do I know you??!?

  • I'm just going to go ahead and say it.  Ricki seems like a real, genuine idiot.  (Stay calm, this is meant to be funny (but true) as I greatly enjoy making fun of kids for knowing so much less than I do.  They're so dumb!).  "Pretty girl!"  Nice job Emily for making sure that your daughter knows from day one that the important thing is that she is pretty.  I'm calling it, Ricki will have an eating disorder by age 13.
Giggle giggle I don't know my words yet but I'm so pretty

  • Finally, and obviously, none of the bachelors are in Emily's league, in terms of her unstoppable beauty.  But, that may be just fine, since it seems like Emily is afraid of hot guys thanks to Brad.
But the real point is, this season is extremely stiff, thanks to barbie and all her ken dolls.  Nobody seems to have a personality.  Has anyone said anything funny or interesting this season?  Mostly a lot of "I also have a kid, pick me."  And "you're so beautiful, I realllllly think this about you more than any of the other guys do, please pick me."

Do you work out often with your significant other?
Bachelorette thoughts?