You Cannot Charm Me

Late news, I placed in my age group for the Oakland half marathon, because the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place woman overall were taken out of the age group placings (and those 3 were all in my age group).  When I was notified of this, I thought, "Cool! Something free?"

I received my award in the mail this week.

Hard to see? It is a little charm--about the size of a dime--that says "2012 Oakland 13.1"

I have negative use for it.  I know Sesa already attacked this topic well before the race even happened, but are the race directors assuming that women want jewelry?  I truly have no more use for this than a dude would (fyi, guys who placed in their AG got something different).  It is officially clutter.  And I can't bring myself to toss it because that just seems wrong.  At the very least, could they have provided a chain? 


Yesterday was full of running-related events.  I had a Physical Therapy appointment in the morning (operation heal my buttcrease) and a kettleball class through my PT in the evening, and plans to run with XLMIC around lunchtime.  I also had and an appointment to bring my car into the shop, so it was a stay-at-home-work-a-little kind of day.  XLMIC and I ended up hiking instead of running, and you can read all about our spiritual adventure through a labyrinth on her bloggity here.

The kettleball class was recommended by my PT to get my butt/hip muscles and core stronger.  My back hurts (bad form?) and I truthfully didn't love it.  I spent an hour learning the basic kettleball moves instead of just getting on with the strengthening.  So much rather be running than lifting bowling balls....but I'll suck it up and try a few more classes out. 


Inside Dish: Advertising Rejection

Here and there I know I have touched on the fact that I find advertising on blogs annoying, and I don't participate in it, and probably won't until a product comes along that I legitimately enjoy or want to help promote.

In the meantime, I get emails (rarely, but I do) asking if I want to associate with a brand, or post a review, or become an ambassador.  I have never done this, so if you have seen any brand or company mentioned here, it is only because I was freely talking about them.

This hilarious exchange is why I think blog advertising is often phony and desperate. 

Email #1, paraphrased: "We found your blog, and have a few questions.  Is that ok? Have a GREAT day!"

My reply: "Sure."

Email # 2 (brand name left out): Hello, Thanks for getting back to me. :)
I'm reaching out to you because  I saw your blog has some awesome posts relating to fitness, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle.  If you are not familiar with the [#### brand], we [are about blah blah blah]. I was wondering if you would be interested in adding a short post with a couple of our links to your blog. [The brand] is so relevant to the content on your page and I think your site viewers would find our products very beneficial.  If this is something you'd like to discuss further please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!


Humph.  You know what, I have no problem at all with this sincerely nice person and company putting effort into expanding their advertising.  Blogs are a valid way to market yourself.  But I'm not impressed, not at all, to receive a generic email that clearly has not read through one week of this blog, and instead has noted, "the word 'runner' is in the blog title? check! people read this blog? check!" and I got on their list.

I'm so sorry brand, I have to tell you, I do NOT have "awesome posts relating to fitness, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle."  Truly, I don't think I live a very healthy lifestyle.  I run a lot, and that is as far as the lifestyle goes.  This, in many people's opinions, is in itself not very healthy.  If we're talking about food, the healthiest thing I do is eat an apple and some carrots almost every day of the week.  But I also go through an unhealthy amount of packaged garbage.  The good and the bad of my diet life very rarely make the blog; because, this is not a blog exhibiting a "healthy lifestyle".

The product itself has nothing to do with me or this blog.  It's a desperate stretch.  Bloggers, don't blindly say yes to a linking parade unless it is relevant.  I can't take that seriously.

Happy memorial day weekend!  I will be off to Tahoe in just a few hours, where the high is expected to be 40-something degrees on Saturday.  Will be barbecuing in a snow suit ;)

Juicy advertising rejection stories?
Is it bratty that I don't appreciate the Oakland half marathon charm?