Back to My Roots

I recently mentioned that I went to my 10 year "high school" reunion (June 2nd).  "High school" is in quotes, was more a reunion of "the 60 people out of 750 who weren't too snotty to boycott the reunion".  In other words, it was very small, and I saw less than 10% of our high school class.  Word of the reunion spread on Facebook, and people fussed about various things, including the location at a family Mexican restaurant, so a whole lotta people chose not to go.  We are the whiner generation.  (Or alternatively, since my high school mascot was the Wine Crusher...we like to wine a lot).

Me and my tiny friend from high school and from grown-up land.  (My parents front yard is beautiful, no?)

Just goofing off before heading to the reunion

I try not to turn down an invitation to any event, so I was totally in.  Even though I only got to see and talk to 20 or so old friends, it was worth it to see each one of them.  I had a great time.  I was stunned to learn how many old friends knew, thanks to these obnoxious internet ramblings, that I love to run, and had a lot of excitement to share about the sport.  Running is a common ground for so many people my age!

Home, afterwards, surprising the Gentleman with the dark hair.  I didn't bring him to the reunion would have been cruel small talk.  Just miserable.

In honor of revisiting high school, via my reunion and via a return to my natural hair color (which I rocked in high school....among unnatural shades of red), I thought I would do that thing that blogs are pretty much made for.  Give you a list of random facts.  Random Facts, Some of Which are Running Related, from My High School Experience.

1) I traveled 45+ minutes one way for soccer practice to play on a team in Marin, and then in Rohnert Park (I lived in Napa).  The Marin coach, who I pretty much dreaded, is the reason I started really running-- that is, running distances longer than 2 or 3 miles.  I tried to work myself into shape by running 30-45 minutes at a time on my own outside of practices, an assignment he gave us.  I left for college having never run further than about 50 minutes.  Probably around 6.5 miles. 

2) I was a very shy student, even though I worked hard, did well, took all the honors classes.  I think I was terrified of being wrong, so I never wanted to volunteer an answer or my thoughts.  This pretty much followed me through law school....which blew, since most professors demand participation via the "cold call."

3) The first thing I did with the freedom of having my drivers license, to Mervyn's.  For some reason, that really represented how free I was--that I could drive somewhere to shop, and then shop, without anyone's permission.  But still being a 16 year old mama's girl, I remember calling my mom the second I got there to tell her I was at Mervyn's by myself!

4) I got in all sorts of stupid trouble, mostly with my parents but occasionally with cops, for alcohol related shenanigans.  I was by no means an alcoholic, just following the herd and drinking with friends for fun.  This was my "I hate the police" phase....which quickly diminished the second I moved to the San Francisco tenderloin and then Oakland.

5) This one is more middle-school than high-school, since the high-school cafeteria had a different cafeteria recipe...but...cheese zombies.  Holy crap those were good.  One of my sisters found a recipe online and made them for Christmas 2010.  So satisfying.  Closely followed by the school cinnamon rolls, and powdered Hostess mini-donuts.

The black background is spooky, but this accurately captures the cheese ooze and doughy bread of my memories

6) I never had a boyfriend.  Not one.  Thank goodness.  I get the shudders when I think of some of the guys I went to high school with now.  They weren't raised right.

The girls were cool though.  I am lower right.  I wonder why none of us brought sunglasses to school?

7) Me and one of my best friends were two of the fastest white girls in our high school track league.  She always edged me out in the 100m; I always edged her out in the 200m.  When I was pushed into racing the 400m, my poor body would break down after 300m of sprinting.  I threw up after the 400m race at least twice....

8) I wore really tight shirts.  It was the Britney Spears era.  Most girls had a thin strip of tan skin above their low-cut jeans, from wearing midriff bearing shirts.  I was just a participant...

9) I only received ONE "B" grade amidst straight "A's" in all of high school.  The class? Was typing.  TYPING.  The teacher hated me.  She was crazy evil.

10) I learned about 9-11 by walking into my zero period (7:00 a.m. class) algebra class.  The rest of the day, none of my teachers allowed the TV to be on, "because you'll be hearing about this for the rest of your life."  I worked after school that day, as a busser/hostess at a restaurant, and we had zero customers.


I've participated in a race for the last three weekends (this one not included), and have posted about those race experiences, but it's been a while since I've talked about my weekly running.

Same old same old.  I haven't done much at the track, especially since I have been spending Monday through Wednesday letting my legs recover from a weekend race, than Friday & Saturday taking it easy for an upcoming weekend race.  The few times I have hit the track, it was without any workout planned and more with the general idea of running some variation of 1600s/800s/400s until the 7:30 a.m. kids start walking across the track to get to class.   At an easier pace, of about 6:02-ish for everything more than 400m.

The last 2 weeks are a fair example of what I've been up to...pretty much all year.

Monday: 7-8 (memorial day 10k, plus 1-2 mile warm up)
Tuesday: 12.8
Wednesday: 14.5
Thursday: 14
Friday: 0
Saturday: run/walk to expo (5 miles?)
Sunday: 13.3 (See Jane Run)

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 10
Wednesday: 14
Thursday: 14
Friday: 0
Saturday: 18
Sunday: 16

If I flip through my weekly desk calendar, most weeks this year are between 60 and 80 miles, with a couple hovering closer to 90. 

After upping my intake of iron-rich foods (thanks injera!) I felt pretty good this week.  For a while there, I was taking walk breaks during runs because it was feeling rough.  It must have been the blonde hair.

Just a couple more photographs from See Jane Run, borrowed from the professional race photographer.

This course runs along the Alameda bay and is really pretty for some stretches

Being chased down at the 12th mile :(

So well matched -- even down to the shoe tag and the bib

Would we be friends in high school, or was I too much of a tight-shirt-wearing-beer-drinking-nerd?