Just some running thought bubbles today.

1) I can no longer run with a running headband without getting a headache.  So after years of running with an elastic band to tame the flyaways, I have given the thing up, and it turns out nothing bad happens when you run with flyaways.  I thought I would lose my eyesight and run in figure-8's in the street with my wisps flying in my face.  (No, I'm not interested in trying a "Bic Band".  Out of principal at this point.)

2) I've been running without the Garmin a few days a week lately, and besides the fact that I fear losing track of time in the morning, it is a lovely break for my wrist.  I feel like I run faster on days without the watch...

3) I think I will sign up for a trail half marathon that is taking place near Santa Cruz in late August.  Sounds cool, right?  I need to buy some trail running shoes....never owned a pair.  Recommendations welcome.

4) I ran 800m repeats at the track last Thursday, the morning after burning up my calves by climbing this insaaaane 1.3ish mile hill (twice!) with my sister from another mister.  I aimed for seven 800m repeats with a one-lap recovery, at 3:00-3:05, and more or less succeeded. 

3:04; 3:03; 3:01; 3:00; 3:01; 3:02; 3:01.

My goal is to eventually run 10 repeats at 3:00 or less, which as you've probably heard, would be a solid Yasso workout.  Do I believe that will mean I am ready for a 2:59 marathon? No, not really.  The more I hit the track, the more my long runs suffer, so I don't think that is the magic ingredient.  But it is a fun goal, so I'm going to try and do it.

5) This might be a touchy subject, so I'm only going to share my superficial thoughts on it.  In the past few years, I have watched many friends and family (in real life), and friends/strangers on the blog world, grow little babies inside their belly.  Just miracles and stuff. 

I've noticed that some women (who are all in relationships) have husbands that keep their activity level on an even keel with their pregnant wife--that is to say, if the wife can't hike far, the husband turns back to the car with her instead of marching on and saying "sayonara!".  I've also watched pregnant runner(s) whose husband(s) adopt a (seemingly new) love for hard training while the wife is pregnant and she is slowing her workouts down. 

Me? If I was pregnant (which all sources say will likely never happen), I would be so green about having to be the one with the ovaries, the swelling body, the run-turned-into-a-waddle, so jealous of my baby-daddy who doesn't have to do anything but grow a sympathy belly...that I don't think it would fly if he was off running 60+ mile weeks while I was squeezing out a slow 10.  This applies to ME, and the the dynamic of a relationship like mine, where my guy never runs more than me to begin with.  I can understand a situation where the guy was always a hardcore triathlete or something.  But for a guy to choose the time period when his lady is pregnant to pick up the training...seems unthoughtful.  I swear I'm not high maintenance.

6) I have, ohhhh, about one week left to decide if I really want to bite the bullet and do the 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz.  I was gung ho about it a month ago. The real thing holding me back is the price tag.  It is about 3x what I would pay for a running race (and about 10x more than I would pay to run a race "for fun"), and there is no incentive for placing and reaping some of the cost back in prizes! Plus, I would be doing it with the double the cost.  Anyway.  I have to decide this week so that I, uh, have the time to learn how to swim in open water.

7) Not relevant, but I had this thought tonight: I wish badly that every chocolate bar ever made was also made in white chocolate.  White chocolate Snickers! White chocolate Baby Ruth!  White Chocolate 100 Grand! Oh dear.  That would be my jackpot.

8) My niece is still cute.  And I learned something about my dad on Father's day that made me realize what a stud he is.  Something intimidating, manly, and bold that caught me off guard.  Go dads!

9) It was over 90 degrees on Saturday, and so I chose to go running at...11:00 a.m.  When I got home from 16 sweaty miles, all I could do was nap.  I don't know how you Boston marathoners did it in the 88 degree (or more?) weather in April.  Heat saps the life right out of you.

And I'm ending on 9 just to drive you crazy.  What's your 9 running thought bubbles, tee heeeee???? (fake question).